Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Day 6 Recap


The top players from Group B duked it out today for the top 2 spots for Quarterfinals. Here’s everything that happened in Day 6 of the Worlds 2022 Main Event.

G2 Esports VS Evil Geniuses (Group B)

The crowd’s 80% confidence vote prediction for G2E was proved wrong when EG won a near-perfect game. Jankos vs Inspired set the battle of the polish junglers in the final EU vs NA game of Worlds 2022. Vulcan’s great execute during a 3v2 dive in bottom lane gave EG the first 2 kills in the game. BrokenBlade did his best to mitigate EG’s numbers advantage with calculated aggression on their lanes, but Impact evaded enemy attempts with high IQ flashes to escape. The score was 0-6 just under 15 minutes, with Impact’s Shen constantly keeping his whole team alive with phenomenal plays. G2 just didn’t have enough damage for a substantial team fight in the midgame, and every death added another nail to the coffin.

  • Teams: G2E 0 – 1 EG
  • Time: 32:30
  • Kills: 3 – 15
  • Turrets: 1 – 11
  • Gold: 47.7k – 64.3k
  • Dragons: 1 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 2

Evil Geniuses VS JD Gaming (Group B)

EG went up against the undefeated giants in Group B in a very hopeful match. A tense silence in the early game finally broke after a one-for-one in the bottom lane around the 7-minute mark. 369’s domination on top lane was put to a stop when Inspired ganked with Fiddlesticks. But JDG quickly took back their territory after getting an ace in just under 14 minutes. LPL’s first seed had so much mobility, and their 9k gold lead in the midgame made it almost impossible for the LCS 3rd seed to take back the game. A desperate play to take 369 down in a 3v1 took way too much time and allowed Hope to take down EG’s undefended inhibitor turrets. JDG moved to the next stage after a victorious match against the NA team, setting them on the path for 6-0.

  • Teams: EG 0 – 1 JDG
  • Time: 25:01
  • Kills: 6 – 17
  • Turrets: 1 – 11
  • Gold: 37.8k – 55.9k
  • Dragons: 0 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 1

DWG Kia VS G2 Esports (Group B)

Despite playing off-stage due to covid, fans saw DWG Kia claim a crushing victory. in the beginning, really good damage trades were seen from both sides. First blood of the game came from a one-for-one in top lane as BrokenBlade got taken executed by tower aggro. DK played safely in a 4v4 lane gank in bottom lane to look for an opening around caPs’ Swain. Nuguri’s battle boar still found kills against G2’s Fiora despite the counter pick, and strong kills by LCK’s third seed earned the team an uncontested fire drake. ShowMaker and deokdam led a 5v5 down mid with Rift Herald that absolutely decimated the entire lane. Stakes were high for the EU team, as another loss would mean elimination from this year’s Worlds. But the outcome felt decided after DWG secured all of the drakes, a baron, and a 10k gold lead towards the 23 minute mark.

  • Teams: DK 1 – 0 G2E
  • Time: 25:17
  • Kills: 18 – 2
  • Turrets: 10 – 1
  • Gold: 51.9k – 36.6k
  • Dragons: 3 – 0
  • Barons: 1 – 0

G2 Esports VS JD Gaming (Group B)

G2’s final fight was against the best in Group B, and the match stayed close in a very stiff midgame. Against all expectations, the LPL giant had actually looked vulnerable throughout their Week 2 matches, losing early game damage trades against Evil Geniuses. To avoid the same mistakes, JDG went with a Renekton-Nidalee combo to get control in the early game. in the face of a stronger scaling enemy comp, G2 angrily found a strong start with a double kill at bottom lane. Flakked’s Tristana played disrespectfully good against JDG’s comp, finding another double kill before the 6th minute.

The Chinese team found success elsewhere however. After choosing to focus on G2E’s weak presence on top lane, they unleashed the first Herald and took the first blue turret. After Yankos stole the second drake, Targamas’ Rell set up a successful engagement for G2. The EU team almost lost their lead in a decisive dragon side jungle clash. But JDG fought back a second time, scored an ace, and eventually won the match. Give the LPL powerhouse an inch, and they’ll take it all the way to the enemy nexus.

  • Teams: G2E 0 – 1 JDG
  • Time:
  • Kills: 10 – 17
  • Turrets: 2 – 10
  • Gold: 46.1k – 60.3k
  • Dragons: 1 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 2

Evil Geniuses VS DWG Kia (Group B)

We almost saw Inspired’s Singed gameplay this match, but he opted for Bel’Veth for a better tower score. Deokdam died against Kaori’s Lucian in the first 5 minutes. EG’s patient plays won them early game picks, but a risky bot dive cost them their lead as deokdam and Kellin evened out the score. DK’s Aatrox made it difficult to contest Rift Herald, and ShowMaker broke thru the enemy’s defenses and kept the snowball rolling. All four dragon souls were claimed by LCK, further highlighting the differences in level between the two teams. A baron powerplay by DK secured their match lead. By the late game, the NA team could do nothing but run away from Renata ultimates that turned EG’s AD carry against them. After all was said and done, the fan favorite left the Main Stage to the sound of strong applause from the home stage.

  • Teams: EG 0 – 1 DK
  • Time: 28:07
  • Kills: 8 – 21
  • Turrets: 1 – 11
  • Gold: 44.5k – 59.4k
  • Dragons: 0 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 1


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