The Day Before – 10 Things You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy

The Day Before is a…complicated game. Following its announcement and “too good to be true” visuals, it faced numerous delays and a mysterious trademark dispute. Developer Fntastic would also debut gameplay, and it was underwhelming at best.

However, following the latest delay, The Day Before is now an early access title, set to launch on December 7th for PC. It will feature the developer’s gameplay vision as players enter New Fortune City to scavenge materials and battle the undead. There will be new content in the coming months, but what does the game offer besides the initially billed MMO survival gameplay?

Here are ten things you should know about The Day Before, from its core gameplay loop and what Woodberry colony is to how long early access will last and whether your system can handle it.

To say the day before has been Controversial would be an understatement It initially debuted gorgeous Screenshots that few could believe Represented actual gameplay as the Months and years passed and the delays Piled up the lack of gameplay became More apparent developer fantastic Finally debuted about 10 minutes back in February which showcased a significant Downgrade from previously released media And also didn't showcase any combat or Infected enemies then there was the Whole trademark nonsense but that's been Resolved at least according to the Developer before its supposed launch on November 10th fantastic released a new Trailer and announced another delay to December 7th on top of visuals that Still didn't approach the quality of Initial reveals the day before will Launch in Steam Early Access as for Xbox series X and S and PS5 players they need to wait until it Exits Early Access to get their hands on It for those looking to jump in whether You followed since day one or are Learning about it for the first time Here are a few things that you should Know about the day Before what even is this game contrary To the key art and title font which Seemingly rips off The Last of Us the Day before isn't a story-driven single

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Player game it's an open world MMO Survival title with third person and First person shooting elements and day Or night changes set on the US East Coast after a pandemic which has Resulted in the zombie like infected Roaming the streets players must fight Through the horde and scavenge whatever They can to survive the only explorable City at least at this point looks to be New Fortune City there are extensive Streets skyscrapers stadiums business Centers and malls to explore each Potentially holding valuable resources Like weapons ammo clothing medicine Etc You also must scavenge food and water Since there are hunger and thirst meters To replenish you can modify weapons with Different attachments and use different Ammo types like armor piercing rounds And eventastic Promises realistic reload And recoil mechanics thus far we've seen Assault rifles semi-automatic rifles Shotguns and handguns there also appears To be throwable explosives like grenades And Flashbangs what is Woodberry after creating your character With options for voice body type face Skin tone tattoos scars makeup Hairstyles and beards you happen upon Woodberry after rescuing some survivors This is essentially A colony which Serves as the Social Hub you can

Permanently store items speak and haggle With different vendors and even Undertake Quests for survivors they Require different materials and Resources not unlike the settlements in Tom Clan's the division 2 from now on The doors of Woodberry will always be Open to you complete these and you Receive Woodberry coins which are Exchanged for various goods and services Weapons food F medicines armor backpacks And more are available to purchase you Can even buy cars to navigate new Fortune City's roads though we've only Seen sports cars till now initial media Did showcase Jeeps no word yet on Whether those will be available at the Early Access Launch also Woodberry has a spa and gym The spa is probably inspired by Monster Hunters world's Gathering Hub a spot for Players to relax and awkwardly stare at Each other but what purpose does the gym Serve maybe treadmill competitions Between your buddies your guess is as Good as Ours is this an extraction shooter more Or less the gameplay Loop of discovering Resources in New Fortune City and Bringing them back to Woodberry Fulfilling requests for Woodberry coins To buy weapons and armor and then Venturing back to the city to get more Is pretty similar you can customize your

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Loadout before heading out and as noted Earlier store any any worthwhile weapons And supplies in Woodberry for Safekeeping PVP Combat also as you roam around there may Be other players seeking the same Resources as you while some cooperation Is possible especially when facing the Infected you may also have to fight them And take their stuff lose and risk Losing some of your own including Whatever you rode into battle with Though how that works with the vehicles Is unknown perhaps you can ensure some Items for a price ensuring that they Won't be lost if downed but again it's Unconfirmed if this is a Feature why is there a ranch what's Happening yes there is a ranch you can Customize it with different Furnitures Like sofas armchairs decorations like Lamps carpets a radio Etc tables Wardrobes and whatnot all costing Woodberry coins which makes you wonder If they'll be purchasable with real Money the recent trailer indicates that You can upgrade and purchase houses Plural which could mean having multiple Buildings here is there any actual Farming fishing anything else that you Would see on a ranch again it's unknown But there appears to be a lake nearby And a spot for chopping Firewood why Early Access the

Announcement of Early Access since the Day before has been hyped as a full game At launch has caused some controversy so Why Early Access as described by Fantastic on the steam page it's Pursuing this route because this is the Studio's first game and there may be Unforeseen circumstances Early Access Also allows us to refine and improve the Game in collaboration with the community Which is all well and good but how it Adheres to the approach remains to be Seen how long is Early Access the current plan is to be in Early access for about 6 to 8 months With the console versions launching Around the same time but this could Change while it's easy to be skeptical Of the developer releasing the game when It's confident that it represents the Best version possible this isn't a new Thing for Early Access titles granted Not many have the kind of controversies That have dogged the day before but I Digress what's in the Early Access new Fortune City and its surroundings can be Explored and the core gameplay Loop is Implemented so you can buy cars take on Quests build houses on the ranch explore The city battle the undead and more While you can expect bug fixes and Improvements for the core gameplay Additional content like new items Weapons cars houses perhaps different

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Housing types and Equipment are also Planned there's currently no early Access road map but more details may be Revealed closer to Launch how much firstly there's no Pre-order option probably for the best In case the Early Access version gets Delayed it'll cost $39 and on the full Release the price will be increasing to $49 presumably what the console versions Also Cost System requirements if nothing else the System requirements for the day before Aren't too crazy you need Windows 10 64bit direct X12 16 GB of RAM and 55 GB Of installation space regardless of Other Hardware minimum requirements for Lowquality settings include an Intel Core i58400 or AMD equivalent 16 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD equivalent GPU recommended Requirements for highquality settings Include a core i78700 3.2 GHz or AMD Equivalent and a GeForce 1080 TI or AMD Equivalent while a hard disk drive is Supported an SSD is preferred and Mandatory at the higher End hey did you know that we at gaming Bolt upload new videos every day stick Around drop a like subscribe and hit That Bell and let us know what kind of Content you'd like to see in the future With a comment