Killer Bean Unleashed MOD APK 5.07 Download(Unlimited Everything)


Killer Bean Unleashed MOD APK: Android gaming market is full of different types of games from action to arcade, racing to puzzle and other games. I’ve played many different types of games on my Android device but I don’t find any single game which follows the same gameplay style as killer bean unleashed follows.

However, Killer bean is an action game but not like any other action game. Besides fighting between people killer bean uses seeds and beans cartoons to fight against each other. Your Bean character will behave like a real human and you will have full control over them.

Your main objective is the game is to get your bean to break into the enemy base, you need to kill enemies as much as you can and destroy their base to become more powerful. You will get left, right and up scroll buttons. If you want to dynamically jump between floors of building or basements, then you must use all the keys properly and along with pressing the up button.


Now, you might be thinking that why do you need mod apk of the game as this game is free to play and Install from Google Play store. But you also should know that the free version will not give you features like unlimited ammo, health, and money. If you want all that then you should download Killer bean Unleashed MOD APK.

Today, I’ll give you a direct download link to Killer bean unleashed MOD APK + Normal APK (Original APK is for those who want to play the game in a genuine way). But I am not that, I want everything unlimited thus I will go with Killer bean Unleashed MOD APK. But make sure you don’t forget to read the installation details of the game.

Killer Bean Unleashed v5.07 MOD APK Unlimited Ammo/Health/Weapons

Download Killer Bean Unleashed 5.07 MOD APK


Killer Bean Unleashed MOD APK Overview

Killer bean unleashed is action cartoon-style game developed and published by popular gaming company Killer Bean Studios. One thing in which this gaming company is good at is to providing high-quality graphics and sound games. Animations and physics system of the game is really awesome.

Features of Killer Bean Unleashed

  • Up to 2 Awesome Levels: There are around 20 intense levels, you need to survive them all and to conquer them you need to be pro as Legend. Also Play, Story Mode, Survival Mode, and Mega Levels.
  • Super Killer Bean: You can become a pro killer bean and your skills will make you win or lose. The game supports 2D old-style graphics but graphics are really awesome.
  • Ammo and Weapons: You can get many different guns and their weapons, if you have Killer Bean Unleashed MOD APK then you’ll get all guns unlocked.
  • Get Bonus Items: Bonus items will be like triple jump that will make you feel like you’re flying.
  • Get more Rewards: If you get able to kill more beans, you will then get super rewards, so, upgrade your skills and win.

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Gameplay & Storyline

Killer Bean Unleashed download MOD APK

You will be placed in the world of beans and you are nothing but a bean who will play the game as human. Your main objective is that you need to kill your rival beans and destroy their base.

Like other games, more you kill the enemies, more you grow in the game and more you get rewards but hey, more the levels gonna be difficult. If you talk about controls then they’re simply just up, down, left-right scroll keys are there.

If you want to jump between floors of basements or buildings then you must use left/right keys and then up button to move on. Your enemies can jump and go anywhere can also use grenades and deadly weapons. Different enemies have different damage and survive time. Some of them need one bullet to get killed and some can take 3-4 or more.

If you want to shoot, you need to press on the gun button in right corner of the display, it will be there. The ammunition is different in different levels like electric, fire grenades or other weapons in Killer Bean Unleashed MOD APK.

Some Quick Tips

If you want to finish your enemy quickly then dodge them and kill them. But in the case of 1 versus 1 battle you need to hit them with a gun only. Always keep your eyes on blood volume above on the corner. It is full 140 when you start the game but if you get damage then you’ll lose your blood automatically.

If you hit more than need bullets before the final blow, you will die. You will get only 2 lives per battle. While fighting with your enemies you’ll see hearts which you need to collect to refile your blood and ammo. More you survive and kill more you grow and win.

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How to Install?

  1. Uninstall any previous version of this game if you have
  2. If you don’t have, great, Download Killer bean Unleashed MOD APK or Normal APK
  3. Then, Go to settings>Security and Enable “Unknown Sources” Option
  4. If its already enabled, greate, Install the game on your Android device
  5. Then allow any other permissions if the game asks for
  6. If you allowed it then great, Now, Play the game

Final Words

The game looks like as it is an old-style 2D simple graphics game but if you haven’t played this game then you’re wrong. Graphics is low but game style and gameplay looks like 2020 only. If you Action game lover then you should definitely download Killer Bean Unleashed MOD APK on your Mobile device.

If you downloaded you this game and installed it correctly then great but if you faced any problem then comment below and I’ll try to solve your problem. And let your friends know about this wonderful game by sharing it with them.

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