Download Township MOD APK 9.3.2 (Unlimited Cash/Latest Versoin)


City Building games like Little Big city and Farming games like Hay Day are clear evidence of the popularity of these two genres. But want something like a mix of both city building and Farming This is why one company has made one game like this only. Yes, Township MOD APK is the first-ever game that came up with both city buildings and farming, you can enjoy both genres in one.

You will play the role of Farm Manager and also the boss of your town. Your job is not only to rear cows but also to manage, developed, and build new things in town. You are responsible for the happiness of your citizens and growing your town so that the population of your town could grow further, this is how you can win the game.

You can build many new things in your town such as restaurants, Museums, Cinemas, Zoo and more. Not only these basic things but also some other awesome things like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben Clock, the Statue of Liberty, and more. But talking about how you can make your town more beautiful is only first, you need to develop some farms, and rear some animals and horticulture and all.


I am sure you might be thinking that the Township game is free to download and play on the Google Play store so, why do we need to download it from here. The only reason is that you will get MOD APK of this game from here. Modded version will give you Unlimited Money which is an essential in-game item of the game. Without it, you could not proceed further in the game.

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Today, I will give you a direct download link to Township MOD APK and also Normal APK(this is for those who don’t want any kind of modded version and want to play the game in a simple and genuine way). But whichever you choose don’t forget to read the installation details which is given below in the post.

Township v9.3.2 MOD APK Unlimited Money/Coins/Cash

Download Township v9.3.2 MOD APK


Download Orginal APK


Township MOD APK Game Description

You can do your dream jobs, that is one time you can build a building and your town and other time you can farm new crops or rear animals. You can even do many other things which is not possible in normal city building games, like finding ancient artifacts. The game is published by Playrix which is popular for its games like Homescapes, Gardenscapes, and more.

Features of Township MOD APK

  • Decorate and construct the building in your own way whichever wanted. And also grow your favorite kinds of Crops which you will send to factories after harvesting.
  • Manage daily activities which is done by people of your city. Your town is full of ancient artifacts that you need to discover and collect.
  • Not only farming corps but you also need to take care of Animals. You also need to expand your farm and town with trade and need to buy from people all around the world.
  • What you can do is build a zoo with money and then take care of animals there. If you download Township MOD APK then you will get unlimited money to buy zoo or anything.
  • Build famous architects like your country’s Flag or other such as Big Ben, Eiffel Tower and more. You can also Play with your friends to grow more easily.
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New Kind of Genre

township icon

When you begin the game you will get instructed with simple tasks like plowing the solid so that you can grow simple crops like rice and also you need to feed your cows. When your first some plants will grow then you can harvest them and send them to factories for further selling. Bigger you produce the farm products, bigger your production will occur in factories.

When this will be done then you will get some experience so that you can unlock some new crops and livestock. You can also sell these farm products directly in return of money. But what I suggest is to send them to factories and then get more money. But if you have Township MOD APK then you don’t need to worry about Money.

If you love to rear animals then you will love this game. You will get many different animals too rear. If you rear chicken you will get eggs, cows then milk and other things will give other you know that like goats, dogs, goose and more. But you also need to take care of them and rare them regularly if not then gonna die so, keep that in mind.

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gameplay image

There nothing to say about graphics, I would say only one word, Playrix. You might have already played other game of Playrix and you probably know that they never disappoint their users in terms of graphics. Township comes will brilliant 3D graphics and bright colors. You will get wonderful sound and everything looks charming and very good. I even suggest you use earphones to get full enjoyment.

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How to Install the game?

  1. If you have any previous version of the game then I suggest you Uninstall that first
  2. Then Go to Settings>Security and Enable “Unkown Sources” Option from there
  3. Its time to download the game, click the above link to download the latest version
  4. Install Township MOD APK on your Mobile device
  5. Allow any other permission if it asks for
  6. Open up the game and Enjoy
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Final Words

If you are a farming lover or even city building lover then this game will be best for you. Even if you like games that are full of strategies that are more then also you should definitely download Township MOD APK on your Mobile device. You will feel comfortable after playing this game that’s my opinion.

At last, I hope you successfully downloaded the game but if you’re facing any problem then comment below I’ll fix that problem. Keep visiting our Website Fastmodapk for more entertaining games like this only. This game is worth playing only if you play it with your friends, so, don’t forget to share it with them.

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