ZOZ Final Hour: The complete Objectives Guide and Tips


There are two kinds of characters in ZOZ Final Hour some players land in the city as Human Mercs, while a few of them turn into Zombie Mercs after a certain number of deaths. Both the Mercs boast benefits of their own, however, in this guide, let us get to know more about the objectives of a Human and Zombie Merc in ZOZ Final Hour.

Objectives of Human Mercs in ZOZ Final Hour

As a Human Merc, the primary objective of the players is to extract Blood Crystals spread across the map and use them to call an Evac Chopper. These Blood Crystals are most commonly found in areas with larger space, thus making it a difficult job to extract due to the presence of many other Human Mercs. The player is said to have completed the match if he gets into the Evac Chopper. 

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Human Mercs can benefit a lot from the utilization of perks and skills that enhance their weapon’s stats such as its damage and reload speed. Zombies and fellow Mercs drop these perks and other weapons after being killed, so, it is necessary to not only focus on gathering the Blood Crystals but also on the eliminations – be they frequent or occasional. 

Objectives of Zombie Mercs in ZOZ Final Hour

As a Zombie Merc, the primary objective for players is to eliminate Human Mercs as many times as possible, in order to turn them into a Zombie Merc and increase the number of Zombie Mercs in the city. Zombie Mercs must also ensure that the Human Mercs do not get away from the city with the help of an Evac. Apart from the powerful claws they possess, Zombie Mercs can use the four exclusive abilities to their advantage. These abilities are – 

  • BC Shield: Raises a shield in front to avoid some incoming damage.
  • Spit: Spits venom to attack targets from a distance.
  • Camouflage: Muffled footsteps, making it harder to be located.
  • Constitution Boost: Increases Max HP.
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Zombie Mercs can team up with each other to take down Human Mercs, such as having a Zombie Merc covering from the front using the BC Shield ability, and the Merc behind spitting venom from a distance to damage the Human Merc in front. Similar strategies could be followed to achieve the objective.

Final Thoughts

It is possible for players to complete a game as a Human Merc itself if the objectives are their main point of focus. However, if one simply wishes to experience the gameplay of a Zombie Merc, he can jump into one of the Human Mercs and keep dying until he mutates into a Zombie Merc. When it comes to either Merc, utilize their skills in order to make full use of the Merc.

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