Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim Beginners Guide and Tips


Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim is an amazing anime-based JRPG developed by ZlongGames. The game is based on the original story of Ys VI where two sisters live on the island of Canaan and follow up their life with all kinds of adventures. The best part is that, to enjoy this game players don’t need any high-end device. Hence, here is the Ys Online The Ark of Napishtim beginners guide for the players so that they don’t get into trouble and learn about all the basics before starting with the game.

Gameplay overview

The game is based on an RPG combat system, players can even avoid, jump, attack and use skills or raged skills against the enemies. Players can even cast spells and attack with their raged powers in the direction of the enemies. Players must avoid the red area while fighting against the main villains, as in this area enemies come up with their best attacks. A direct hit of the main attacks can even lead the hero to lose huge health points.

Players can go for the Auto-Battle option in front of low-level enemies. The Auto Battle option comes up with an AI-based strategy that helps the players to win easily against easy villains. But this is not applicable all the time, players must use their own brains to level up themselves and learn the algorithm of the difficulties which they can face while fighting different types of heroes. The game has only a storyline game mode which is to be followed by the players.

Introducing the Basics of Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim

Beginners must know about the important features of the game; this will help the beginners to proceed further into the game without any hindrance.

Soul Cards

Soul Cards are an asset for the players. Equipping a Soul Card can help the players improve their characters and their skills as well. Players can also help the characters to have weapons with the help of Soul Cards.

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Hence, Soul Cards are one of the important aspects players must go for to upgrade themselves. These unlock many special attributes and help to level up the player and heroes at the same time. There are some skills that get activated due to Soul Cards during the fights. With the help of these, players can turn into a Pickard and come up with Meat Shield and deal with the maximum possible damage while protecting themselves.

Soul cards
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Players can equip some of the Soul Cards by completing some easy missions at the beginning of the story. Later they can equip more with the Soul Cards Wish System. In the wish system, players have some chances which they have to attempt. For every chance, players will earn some valuable rewards and Soul Cards which will help them further into the game.

Battle Points

Battle Points are the most important points in the game which every player must seek for. The greater number of battle points you gather, the more you level up faster. Players can gain battle points by completing missions, winning battles, equipping Soul cards, and equipping weapons to the characters.

Battle points Ys Online The Ark of Napishtim Beginners Guide
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The battle points resemble the true strength of the player, so try to gather as much as you can. Battle points are very important to proceed further in the game, if you have low battle points then you cannot continue later in the story.

Rank System

The rank system in the game is known as Adventure ranks. P-layers can play and improve their rank to earn valuable rewards, battle points, and in-game currencies. Every rank has some requirements to be fulfilled, after the objectives and requirements are fulfilled, players can easily get ranked up in the game.

Rank system
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The game has a ranking system as follows;

  • Bronze
  • Black iron
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Mythril

Every rank has three subdivisions under it. Players have to fulfill all the objectives and requirements of each sub-rank to get promoted to the next adventurer rank and become the prolific star of the game.

Skill Tree

The skill tree is present over the Skill option where the players can check for their locked and unlocked skills. Players can even upgrade the unlocked skills to make the heroes more powerful. Players must invest in-game free currencies to upgrade their skills and unlock other skills.

Skill tree Ys Online The Ark of Napishtim Beginners Guide
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By upgrading and unlocking skills players can increase their battle points. These will help them to increase their level and earn rewards. Players can then use the rewards to upgrade their squad and become more powerful than before.

Mastering the Heroes

After you have logged in and selected your servers, click on the Tap to Start option to jump inside the game. The players have to then answer some of the questions asked by the Goddess of Alma. Answering the questions are very important as this will define the way you want to fight and come up with the best class of heroes for you.

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Players will then have to select the heroes from the recommended class, if the players don’t find the recommendations interesting then they can tap on the Choose your Class option to select as per their choice. There are mainly four classes of heroes between which you have to make your choice. After you have chosen, you can then proceed further into the storyline. The game has four classes in-game which have certain heroes under themselves. The four classes of heroes are:


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The Assassin’s class heroes are the best heroes in the game. They have the best short distance and melee attacks. These heroes have immense capability to deal with high damage and also have the powers and abilities to provide high damage to their opponents. It has two promotional classes under it, Ninja and Navigator.


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Warriors are the heroes who are one of the best frontline attackers in the game. Players must have them in their squad to make their team strongest from the frontline. The heroes come up with a Sword and shield and rush toward the enemies to demolish them. The class has other promotional; class warriors under them, Knight and Berserker.


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Mage is a unique class of heroes who have the powers and abilities to easily execute their enemies. These heroes can cast spells upon their opponents and provide immense damage to their enemies. The class has two promotional classes Ice Mage and Pyro Mage.


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These class heroes have the best far-away attacks with their bows and arrows. These heroes are considered the best in the defensive line and help the squad from the back. It has two heroes under its promotional class, Priest and Wind Walker.

Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Going through the game for a while, here are some tips for beginners from our end so that they can have a blast from their first knock.

1. Upgrade your Character and its Skills

Beginners must try to invest their in-game currencies and points to upgrade their skills and the characters. These will help them during the battle as the characters will become more powerful and defeat the enemies in some moments.

2. Try to earn a greater number of Battle Points

Complete the missions and win rounds to earn Battle Points. Earning a greater number of battle points can help the players level and earn valuable rewards. These valuable rewards can then be further used to upgrade the squad and continue the storyline with ease.

3. Choose the correct class of hero

The game has four classes of heroes, choose the most appropriate one as per your mentality. Give honest answers to the questions asked by the Goddess of Alma and choose the wisest hero from the recommendation. If you feel like the recommendation does not satisfy you, then choose a hero as per your wish and continue the game.

4. Avoid the Auto-Battle option

Beginners must not go for the Auto-Battle option. AI-based strategies are not always the best in a battle, the human mind is far better than AI-based thinking. So, as a beginner avoid the Auto Battle mode and try to fight on your own to know the meta of different kinds of enemies and how to win against them.

5. Complete requirements and missions

Beginners must complete all the daily missions and requirements of the adventurer rank. These will help the players to earn battle points which will further help them to level up their profile. Players can also get promoted to higher ranks by completing the requirements and objectives to become the real pro in the game.

Final Thoughts

Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim is one of the most fascinating and best JRPG games that has been launched so far. The game has many heroes and classes which you can choose easily by answering a few questions. The game follows a single storyline of two sisters who live on the islands of Canaan.

It can only be accessed by online means so that players cannot opt for unfair means of play. Thus, as a beginner follow all the instructions given above and play the game wisely. We hope this Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim beginners guide will help you to play the game and make the best move on your first attempt. Hence, enjoy the game and follow all the tips so that you can flourish in the server from your first hour.

That’s all for the Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim Beginners Guide! Did you find our Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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