The 5 Most Effective Ways to Advance Your Pokemon Go Level

The most effective and time-efficient method for making rapid advancements in Pokemon Go is to level up your Trainer. Your Trainer will be able to catch Pokemon of considerably greater power level as they go through the game and achieve higher levels. If you want to level up as quickly as possible, you should try to rack up as many experience points, or XP, in as little time as possible.

In most massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), the key to swiftly levelling up is concentrating on activities that offer the most experience points per hour and avoiding activities that award very little or none. The process of levelling up is the same as in Pokemon Go.

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How to Level Up Quickly

In Pokemon Go, gaining XP may be accomplished in a wide variety of various methods. Certain in-game acts and accomplishments will give you a small number of experience points, while others will award you with significant experience points. The following are the five most effective strategies to obtain experience points short and level up:

Capture Pokemon

This is a very obvious one, particularly considering that “Gotta Catch Em All” is the Pokemon series’ tagline. On the other hand, catching Pokemon is one of the most effective and productive methods to level up in Pokemon Go. You will get experience points for successfully catching wild Pokemon and tossing Pokeballs with skill (for example, a nice throw, a fantastic throw, or an exceptional throw).

You will not only get a certain number of experience points for catching Pokemon, but if the Pokemon you capture is a new one, you will also receive an additional experience point bonus. Even better, the amount of ordinary XP reward you get in addition to this bonus is significantly increased thanks to this benefit. Players with lower levels will benefit the most from capturing new Pokemon since the amount of experience points required to advance a level is much smaller in the earlier stages of the game.

Develop Those Eggs

Eggs may be hatched into Pokemon if their owners carry them around and travel a total distance of around one kilometre (0.621 miles). Pokestops can be found throughout the world. You will get experience points for hatching the Pokemon no matter its species. If it is a new Pokemon, you will also receive additional experience points for acquiring the new Pokemon.

Evolve Pokemon

Candy will be given to you if you are successful in capturing Pokemon. Before it can evolve into a higher form, each kind of Pokemon Go requires a certain quantity of candy.

Because it might take some time to gather Candy for Evolution, the experience point payout is much more than that of a conventional capture. Always work on evolving as many of your Pokemon as you possibly can. You will not only be able to improve the overall performance of your Pokemon squad but you will also be rewarded with a significant amount of experience points.

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Train and Fight

Now Gyms are not as simple to locate as Pokestops, but once discovered, they are excellent locations for levelling up and getting experience. Try your best to locate welcoming gyms, particularly if you are still relatively new to playing Pokemon Go. You will be able to train your Pokemon Go in Friendly Gyms without facing off against the other Team’s Pokemon, who are often stronger. Your Trainer will get experience points (XP) for every vanquished Pokemon Go.

You may still engage in combat if you encounter a Gym commanded by a different Team; however, it will often be more difficult for you to prevail in these fights. You first need to check the Gym to discover which of the defensive Pokemon you will be facing. It would help if you started the fight with a higher CP and a Pokemon Go Type advantage over your opponent. You will get experience points (XP) for every Pokemon you defeat!

Visit Pokestops

You will come across several different Pokestops during your journey that you may stop at. You may get items like Pokéballs, Revives, Eggs, and more from these places. Pokestops are significant because they provide experience points when visiting them. It is important to remember that the XP you get at Pokestops will not be very high. On the other hand, it is possible to visit a large number of them in a very short time, and the XP gained from doing so truly does pile up, particularly for novices with lower Trainer levels.

If you want to level up more rapidly, the most effective approach is to rack up experience points as soon as possible. Be careful to limit your time spent doing nothing productive, like glancing at your Pokedex or inventory or personalizing your Trainer, among other things. To put it another way, if a certain activity would not provide any experience points, you should do your best to steer clear of it.

Gain 1,000XP every minute!

You must gather as many Pidgeys, Caterpies, and Weedles as possible. Next, ensure that you have a Lucky Egg, which you will get as a prize for achieving Level 9 and gives you the ability to gain twice as much experience for a limited amount of time. There is also the option to buy a Lucky Egg from the Shop with your Pokecoins.

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