Xbox November Update Available Now

Microsoft starts rolling out their monthly console update to Xbox players today, bringing enhanced Discord features and more.

Microsoft has begun rolling out the Xbox November Update to consoles across the globe. This month, Xbox players will have enhancements to Discord and a few new options within the Microsoft Store and the Captures app to look forward to, in addition to other miscellaneous changes within the console interface.

This month’s update comes precisely four weeks after the Xbox October Update. In last month’s update, the highly-requested “mute startup sounds” was added to Xbox Series X/S consoles, options for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) were added for users that have a compatible TV, and enhancements to the Xbox mobile app for iOS and Android were made.


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This time, the main focus was on the Discord app for Xbox. For users that connected their Discord and Xbox accounts, the option to connect to voice channels from Discord servers directly from the Xbox console is now available with the update. Users can do this by selecting “Parties & chats” from the guide, and then going to Discord. After that, available servers and voice channels can be chosen, and each channel will include previews of friends that are chatting at the time. Krisp, the third-party noise suppression software that Discord utilizes on PC and mobile, has also been brought to the Xbox app as a way to enhance the call experience. According to Discord, Krisp blocks background noises, ranging from voices to keyboard typing, in order to keep voice transmission as clear as possible. However, unfiltered audio can still be used by turning Krisp noise suppression off in the Options section of a Discord call.

Players that want to share their clips from games such as Overwatch 2 will have a new way to do that with the update. A new Captures app has been added for current Xbox consoles, which can be accessed via the guide under the “Capture & share” tab. The app can be used to view, edit, and save clips and screenshots to an external drive, and increases the bit rate for captures made in 720p and 1080p. Those looking to stream the action directly to Twitch, Lightstream, or Streamlabs can now do so via the Xbox console by selecting the Live streaming options under the “Capture & share” tab.

For those looking to buy the perfect gift, or get notified of a sale on the Xbox Store, the November update includes ways to share wish lists with family and friends, including a “Buy as gift” option within the console. Users can check individual preferences within the console settings and decide which notifications to see. Furthermore, a new Recommendations section was added to the settings, which can be used for audio and video enhancements. The full list of this month’s changes is available now on the Xbox website and social media pages.

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