Xbox Live is Down for Some Players


Some Xbox gamers are experiencing issues accessing their games, with the Xbox Live service seemingly suffering an outage of some kind.

Some Xbox gamers are having difficulties accessing their games on February 10. The problem has yet to be acknowledged by Xbox itself, but over 1,000 Xbox gamers have reported that Xbox Live is down for them on the Down Detector tracking site. Furthermore, various posts on social media confirm that many Xbox gamers are having difficulty accessing their games, with Game Rant able to replicate the issue.

The problems with Xbox Live seem to have started this afternoon. Unlike some other Xbox Live outages, players are able to turn on their games, but if the games need to access Xbox Live, they’re hit with an error. The specific error is marked as 0x80832003, with a message that says “There’s a temporary network problem.” Players can choose to “try again” or “use offline.” Hitting try again does not seem to fix the issue, unfortunately.


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Xbox Support is usually quick to acknowledge issues with the service and give fans a general timetable of when everything might be restored. However, there has been no tweet from Xbox Support at the time of this writing, so it’s unclear just how widespread this problem is. It’s also unclear what’s causing Xbox Live to experience problems now, but it’s especially bad timing for the service to run into issues.

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We will update this article as soon as Xbox Live services have been fully restored.

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