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Restoration Druid Basics In Wrath Classic

Restoration Druids still excel at single target healing and heals-over-time in Classic Wrath of the Lich King. They’ve earned a nice spot on our WotLK PvE Healing Tier List thanks to their efficiency, utility, and some reworks that allow them to perform AOE heals. Due to this, there’ll be more in demand for raid spots in compositions. The spec is also an absolute blast to play, too. The spec also sees some very welcome quality of life changes that makes you wonder how you ever lived without them.

This guide will focus specifically on level 80 content and abilities. It will be updated throughout the Wrath of the Lich King expansion as more content rolls out.


Important New And Reworked Talents And Abilities

Wild Growth – The new capstone talent for Restoration Druids. It’s a heal-over-time that can be cast on up to five players. It finally gives Resto Druids an AOE heal, and one at instant speed to boot, too.

Nourish – A powerful single target heal that is buffed by the amount of HOTs you have on that target.

Tree of Life – A rework to Tree of Life allows you to cast just about every important spell while in Tree form.

Lifebloom – It now costs more mana, but also gives you half the mana back if you let it complete its duration.

Rebirth – Now a 10-minute cooldown.

Revive – You can now resurrect out of combat. This is not a drill, people.

Talent Build For Restoration Druids In WotLK

There are two Resto Druid talent builds in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. They are based on the amount of Haste rating you’re able to acquire, allowing you to lower the local cooldown to one second. This is important because you want to maximize the amount of Rejuvenation Healing Over Time effects (HOTs) that are cast on the raid.

Resto Druid Talent Tree for 735 Haste

If you’re at a max of 735 Haste, which is the likely outcome for phase one, then you’ll want to dip into the Balance tree for Celestial Focus.

Resto Druid Talent Tree for 856 Haste

As you acquire more gear, you can reach the Haste soft cap of 856 and will no longer need to dip that far down into the Balance tree.

No matter what talent build you have, your glyphs will not change.

Restoration Druid Skill Rotation

You don’t really have a “rotation” like DPS or tanks as a healer. Instead, there’s generally a preferred heal to cast in certain situations and some setup before the encounter begins.

Important Spells/Abilities During Fights

  • Wild Growth should be cast whenever it’s available.
  • Use Lifebloom when Clearcasting procs. Note that if you’re healing a tank, ensure that they have 3 stacks of Lifebloom on them.
  • Top off as many people as you can with Rejuvenation. Make sure that if you have a specific assignment, especially a tank, you focus on them first and foremost.
  • Regrowth is used on your assigned tank, if applicable, or anyone that will be taking targeted damage.
  • Nourish will be the main spell you use on whoever your assigned healer is.
  • If they need extra healing, you can use Swiftmend or Nourish.
  • Nature’s Swiftness is your “oh crap” button to keep up with damage spikes or when your healing assignment is in trouble.

As long as your healing targets don’t die, you’ve done your job.

Important Restoration Druid Cooldown To Use

As alluded to earlier, Nature’s Swiftness is a great cooldown to use to pump out a quick heal when needed. Unfortunately, that’s about it when it comes to your healing cooldowns.

You’ll still have Innervate to give people mana. This has been reworked to no longer be based off of the target’s spirit. Instead, the targeted player will regen 225% of your base mana. This opens up more people to see the full effect of Innervate.

Of course, Rebirth is still a key raid cooldown.

WotLK Resto Druid Stat Priority

The most important stats for Restoration Druids in Wrath of the Lich King Classic are as follows:

  1. Haste
  2. Spell Power
  3. Spirit
  4. Critical Strike
  5. Intellect

Resto Druid Consumables

There aren’t many consumables you’ll need for raiding:

Best Wrath Professions For Restoration Druids

  • Jewelcrafting is generally accepted as one of the best professions for Resto Druids in Classic Wrath. You’re able to obtain important cuts to help maximize the amount of stats you’re able to get from gems.
  • Engineering offers an impressive amount of utility and gear enchants, making it a very attractive second option.
  • There is some benefit to gain from Enchanting, Alchemy, Inscription, and Tailoring. They also have the added bonus of being solid money-making options. To be honest, if you truly want to min-max, the JC/Engineering combo is the best bet for you.

Best In Slot Gear For Restoration Druids In WotLK

The article below outlines the very best item as well as alternative choices for each equipment slot for both Pre-Raid and Phase 1 of Wrath of the Lich King.


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