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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight sees the introduction of a new class, the Evoker. It is a Hero class available only to the Dracthyr race and starts at level 58 and has two specializations: Devastation for damage and Preservation for healing. While there has been some controversy surrounding the potential damage output of the spec it’s largely due to the fact that Blizzard is still actively tuning the new class. It’s also possible that players don’t know how to play it efficiently.

That’s where we hope to help give players a deeper understanding of the class and provide a general understanding of the currently best-known talent builds and rotations for both Mythic+ and Raids.


Basic Information

The general play style of the Devastation Evoker is a mid-ranged spell-casting damage dealer. Focusing on Fire damage from Red Dragonflight and Frost damage from the Blue Dragonflight. There are a number of utilities that the class brings which are provided by the Bronze Dragonflight.

Empower-type skills are a new type of skill that requires holding down a key to charge a spell. The longer the spell is held the more damage it does. Spells can be held for up to 3 seconds and then fired immediately. Along with some other new features in the expansion, there is an option in the Interface menu that allows tapping and releasing the skill to activate the cast and then tapping and releasing it a second time to release it. Some players may find this method easier while others may have difficulty timing it correctly with a second key press.

The information below has been gathered from the Dragonflight Beta, which is still currently under very active development. This guide will be a living document for the Dragonflight Beta and Pre-Patch launch on November 15th and continue to develop with new updates to the game.

Devastation Evoker Stat Priority

The current stat priority for Devastation Evokers largely depends upon Critical Strike, Mastery, and Haste.

1. Critical Strike

  • With the talent Eye of Infinity, getting more crits with Eternity Surge means generating more Essence Burst to give free Disintegrate casts.

2. Mastery

  • Mastery: Giantkiller gives a 20.0% damage increase based on the current health of your target. Higher health targets take more damage.
  • There are a few talents that provide great synergy with Mastery, providing a longer and more powerful damage window.
    • Dragonrage is a 14-second buff that causes Essence Burst to occur 100% of the time. It’s duration is extended by 6 seconds for each empower spell cast with the talent Animosity
    • Tyranny gives the full 20% damage boost that Mastery: Giantkiller would provide regardless of their HP.

3. Haste

  • Improves cast speed of Empowered skills and improves Fire Breath damage over time effect*
    • Currently, this is not working correctly on the Beta and making it less valuable than Mastery, but once fixed will likely become as valuable as Crit.

Devastation Evoker Talents

The talent builds below provide a good starting point for single-target and Multi-Target encounters. Copy the Import code below and use the Import Loadout feature in the Talent menu to quickly add them to your talents.

The Class Talents largely improve mobility and healing with only a few mandatory talents to help improve damage. Tip the Scales is a 2-minute cooldown to help with burst damage. From top to bottom other key damage-boosting talents include:

  • Natural Convergence
  • Enkindled
  • Scarlet Adaptation
  • Instinctive Arcana
  • Blast Furnace
  • Protracted Talons
  • Leaping Flames

Devastation Evoker Raid Talent Build

Import Loadout Code:

Key talents in this build put the focus on Eternity Surge, Essence Burst, and Disintegration. It also includes Shattering Star as a short-duration buff on a fairly quick cooldown.

Devastation Evoker Mythic+ Talent Build

Import Loadout Code:

This build is largely the same as the Raid build but leaves out Shattering Star in favor of Titanic Wrath for greater Essence Burst damage.

Devastation Evoker Rotation: Single Target

For Single-Target encounters the rotation is fairly simple, the goal is to generate Essence Burst and use Disintegrate to consume them. Generate Essence Burst with Living Flame (ideally instant cast from Burnout procs) or Azure Strike, and critical hits of Eternity Surges. Ensure that the Fire Breath damage over time debuff is maintained on the primary target to proc Burnout which causes Living Flame to be instant cast, the Fire Breath debuff also increases Disintegrate damage due to the talent Catalyze.

Finally, once Charged Blast has 20 stacks use Dragonrage to automatically cast Pyre and consume the buff and continue the regular skill priorities. Casting Pyre at 20 stacks of Charged Blast doesn’t deal enough damage to warrant using it over other abilities.


  1. Tip the Scales
  2. Dragonrage at 20 stacks of Charged Blast
  3. Shattering Star (if selected)
  4. Eternity Surge
  5. Fire Breath (Level 1 Empower) and maintain debuff
    • Use Level 3 Empower when the target will die within 12 seconds.
  6. Disintegrate with Essence Burst
  7. Living Flame with Burnout
  8. Disintegrate
  9. Azure Strike only during Dragonrage to generate Essence Burst
  10. Living Flame without Burnout

Devastation Evoker AoE Rotation

In AoE encounters the skill priority remains largely the same, however, there are two slight differences.

Firstly, Fire Breath should be used at Level 3 Empower as targets are generally not going to be living long enough to benefit from the higher damage over time effects. Fire Breath can also be used to consume Tip the Scales for front-loaded burst damage.

Secondly, Pyre can be added to the priority as soon as Charged Blast reaches 20 stacks due to having multiple targets able to be hit by it.


  1. Tip the Scales
  2. Shattering Star (if selected)
  3. Fire Breath
  4. Dragonrage at 20 stacks of Charged Blast
    • Pyre at 20 stacks of Charged Blast; if Dragonrage is on cooldown.
  5. Eternity Surge (Empower level can change depending on the amount of targets)
    • With Eternity’s Span talent: Empower Level 1: 2 Targets, 2: 4 Targets, 3: 6 Targets
  6. Fire Breath (Level 3 Empower)
  7. Disintegrate with Essence Burst
  8. Living Flame with Burnout
  9. Disintegrate
  10. Azure Strike only during Dragonrage to generate Essence Burst
  11. Living Flame without Burnout

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