WoW Classic: How To Find Catrina During The Day Of The Dead


World of Warcraft loves its holidays, and this time of year there seems to be a lot going on in the Azerothian calendar. Just like real life, autumn is a busy time for special events, and the World of Warcraft includes as many as possible. Hallow’s End is the WoW version of Halloween, and later in November is Pilgrim’s Harvest, which has a few things in common with Thanksgiving. Squeezed between them, and lasting for only two days on November 1st and 2nd is the Day of the Dead.

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This holiday was first introduced in 2010, so this might be the first time players of WoW: Classic have been able to participate. It’s a very short event, lasting only two days, so it’s helpful to have a guide to make sure everything is covered.

About The Day Of The Dead

The timing and icons of the Day of the Dead look similar to that of Halloween. Although these holidays look the same and are both inspired by real-world holidays, they have little in common. The Day of the Dead originated in Mexico, but isn’t celebrated in every region of the country, and has been exported to other Latin American countries such as Peru, Belize, and Cuba.

Features in the game that are also common in the real-life holiday include the orange marigolds, sugar skulls and other special sweets, and gathering in graveyards to honor the dead. The character of Catrina, a ubiquitous figure in most of the art and decor of the holiday, also makes a prominent appearance.

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Who Is Catrina?

She’s referred to as La Calavera Catrina in the real world, which means The Skull Catrina. She is often depicted as a dancing skeleton in pop culture, dancing and wearing a wide-brimmed hat decorated with colorful flowers and feathers.

It makes a lot of sense to depict this character as one of the Forsaken. The aesthetic is a perfect match since almost everything in Tirisfal Graves looks like a crypt. Players already familiar with the undead and their home in and around the ruins of Lordaeron probably know where to find her already.

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Where Is She?

Catrina can be found in the graveyards of every major city in Azeroth, but these aren’t always where players expect. Some are more difficult to find than others. Once you find Catrina, dance with her using the /dance emote to turn into a skeleton and get the Dead Man’s Party achievement.

There is one neutral location where Catrina can be found, and that’s in Dalaran. There’s a small graveyard by the headquarters of the Kirin Tor where she’s waiting for a dance.


  • Silvermoon. The graveyard is outside of the city, south of the ruined half and to the west of the Dead Scar.
  • Thunderbluff. The graveyard isn’t in the city but in the rolling plains below, to the north of the central mesa.
  • Orgrimmar. The graveyard is just outside the city gates, just south of the road that leads to the zeppelin that goes to the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Undercity. There are so many graveyards in this neighborhood it’s tough to choose, but the graves that now line the ruins of Lordaeron are the place that Catrina chose.


  • Darnassus. The graveyard is in Warrior’s Terrace, to the north of the main city gate.
  • Exodar. The graveyard is located outside of the city, on the way to Azure Watch in the southeast.
  • Ironforge. Follow the long road down the hill from the main gates of Ironforge to find a small graveyard at the foot of the mountain.
  • Stormwind. There are two possible locations for Catrina in Stormwind. For players in the post-Cataclysm version of Azeroth, there’s a new graveyard within Stormwind where she currently dwells. For those in Classic, the graveyard is closer to Goldshire, the small town outside the southern city gates.

World of Warcraft: Classic is currently available on PC.

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