Worlds 2022: Team Analytics Worlds Play-In Group A

Worlds 2022 kicks off September 29th. The main championship in the League of Legends discipline starts from the Play-In stage.

12 teams trampling their luck on the Worlds will be divided into two equal groups – 6 teams in each. From one pool, 2 teams will get to the group stage of Worlds 2022.

Before the start of the tournament, we suggest that you get acquainted with the heroes of the occasion in more detail and try to predict which of the teams will go to America to play in the next stage of Worlds 2022, and for which the Play-In will become an insurmountable obstacle. Today we are talking about group A.

Beyond Gaming

Region: Taiwan (PCS)

Roster for Worlds 2022: Likai, Husha, Minji, Wako, Kino.

Results for the season: TOP-6 at PCS Spring 2022, TOP-2 at PCS Spring 2

We open the group and the most, that neither is, an underdog. Taiwanese from Beyond Gaming will play at the second in the history of the Worlds club.

The club, formed at the beginning of 2021, does not claim high places and the passage of the Play-In stage will be a worthy result of BG.

At the last World Championship, Beyond Gaming stopped a step away from reaching the group stage, losing in Play-In #2 in the final.

The past Worlds 2022 became the starting point in the history of the current roster. In December of that year, the current five performers joined the team.

The Taiwanese play academically, not inferior in terms of understanding the meta to the best representatives of the LPL, LCK and other title leagues. The question here is whether Beyond Gaming can capitalize on the experience gained at Worlds 2021 and apply it to Mexico City.

Verdict: reaching the second stage of the Play-In.

Chiefs Esports Club

Worlds 2022: Worlds Play-In Group A Team Analytics. Photo 2

Where they play: Oceania (LCO)

Results for the season: 2nd place at LCO Split 1 2022, 1st place at LCO Split 2 2022

Roster for Worlds 2022: Topoon, Arthur, Tally, Raes, Dragku.

The Australian club, by chance, got to the Worlds 2022 Play-In. There are no shifts in the development of the region, as is the case with PCS, which consistently send their representatives to the main event of the year.

The club has never attended an event of this magnitude in its history, and the debut may be the key to a serious approval of the local scene, but the reality of such a prospect is rather vague. The only thing that warms the soul when fantasizing about the Summoners Cup over the heads of the Chiefs Esports Club roster is the presence of Korean legionnaires in this club.

Topoon and Arthur can kindle a spark among the Australians, however, there are performers in Group A that are much more serious than the South Korean Legionnaires Chiefs Esports Club.

Verdict: Relegation in the first stage of the Play-In.

DetonatioN FocusMe

Worlds 2022: Worlds Play-In Group A Team Analytics. Photo 3

Where they play: Japan (LJL).

Results for the season: victory at LJL Spring 2022 and LJL Summer 2022, TOP-10 at MSI 2022.

Composition for Worlds 2022: Evi, Steal, Yaharong, Yutapon, Harp.

The Japanese from DetonatioN FocusMe can be classified as underdogs with a mark. It’s about the history of the club.

DetonatioN FocusMe has been a headliner in the Japan region and has been a participant in Worlds series tournaments since 2018. However, the presence of a team at the World Championships is not yet an indicator. Much more eloquent will be the results of performances at events.

The best year of DetonatioN FocusMe in the perspective of Worlds 2022 can be called 2021. Then the Japanese managed to get into the TOP-16.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and the current DetonatioN FocusMe can surpass the results once achieved at Worlds 2022. This year, the team won LJL Spring and LJL Summer 2022 twice, and also took the TOP 10 at MSI 2022.

I see how DetonatioN FocusMe make it to the second round of the Play-In, but whether they will be lucky there is another question.


Verdict: passage to the second stage of the Play-In.

Evil Geniuses

Worlds 2022: Worlds Play-In Group A Team Analytics. Photo 4

Where they play: North America (LCS).

Results for the season: 2nd place at LCS Lock-In 2022, victory at LCS Spring 2022, TOP-3 at MSI 2022 and LCS Summer 2022.

Worlds 2022 roster: Impact, Inspired, Jojopyun, Kaori, Vulcan

EG open a cohort of “clear” favorites. There is logic here.

The team in 2022 season has been transformed, significantly improving performance since last year. The flimsy TOP-6 within the home league was replaced by a stable hit in the TOP-3 and the North American championship.

In addition to the regional games, EG gained valuable experience in the international MSI arena, where they made their way into the TOP-3.

With such a background, the team is doomed to success within the Play-In. If EG doesn’t win in Group A, then who will?

Verdict: advancing to the group stage from 1st place.


Worlds 2022: Worlds Play-In Group A Team Analytics. Photo 5

Where they play: Europe (LEC)

Results for the season: TOP-3 at LEC Spring 2022, LEC Summer 2022.

Roster for Worlds 2022: Wunder, Razork, Humanoid, Upset, Hylissang

Fnatic is another group stage contender, but the Play-In format doesn’t allow two clubs to be sent directly. This will be the main reason why Fnatic will play in the next Play-In.

Boasting significant achievements will not work. Only if you do not take into account bronze in Europe.

Competitive League of Legends is good because here getting into the top three teams in the local league is already an achievement. Add here the prestige of Europe and get a pretty decent track record for 2022.

Fnatic should not have any problems during the Play-In, since the players know the lineup played and what to do in Summoner’s Rift. Fnatic’s “youngest” performer is Humanoid, who joined the “orange” in January of this year, and before that he played for MAD Lions, Splyce and other European teams.

Verdict: a pass to the next stage of the Play-In.


Worlds 2022: Worlds Play-In Group A Team Analytics. Photo 6

Where they play: Brazil (CBLOL)

Results for the season: 7th at CBLOL Split 1 2022, 1st at CBLOL Split 2 2022.

Robo at Worlds 2022: Robo, Croc, TinOwns, Brance, Ceos.

If Evil Geniuses is the first contender to advance to the group stage, then LOUD are the first to qualify in the first Play-In draw. Several factors point to this outcome for the Brazilians.

The team is a newcomer to the competitive League of Legends. The first pen trials for LOUD began only in 2021.

Getting enough gaming experience for the debut Worlds in such a short period of time is quite a difficult task. Personnel changes in LOUD for the season are also superimposed here.

The most recent player, Brance, joined the team only in May of this year. In the ADK position, he made an impact, as the team managed to win CBLOL Split 2 2022, but as we noted above, the weight categories of the Brazilian League and the World Championship are very different.

The peak result for LOUD will be a pass to the second Play-In, but even such an outcome seems very doubtful to me.

Verdict: Relegation in the first stage of the Play-In.

Photos: Liquipedia.

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