Wordle For November 26, 2022: 5-Letter Words Starting With CLE


Puzzle challenges like those in Wordle can get especially difficult when players encounter a word they don’t often use in day-to-day situations. These words can be complex in their spelling, or even have a specific definition, so that not all players can immediately arrive at the term with a limited number of choices they have.

This can make November 26’s Wordle challenge incredibly frustrating, especially for players who discover what this word is and how it fits into their overall vocabulary. Thankfully, certain approaches to the solution can give players insights into the term being asked. A few relevant clues, hints, tips, and tricks should make the solving process go much smoother.


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What It Means

Should gamers need extra clues when it comes to solving these Wordle puzzles, perhaps, knowing the definition of the word in question would make the process much easier. Its definition may get players some hints that can lead them to the challenge solution.

This word pertains to something being free of stains, marks, or dirt, which is something that can be used to describe someone attentive to personal hygiene. In turn, this describes someone innocent or pure, and even something of a simple, pleasing, or well-defined shape.

Technical Clues

Savants of games like Wordle know that a definition may not be enough to figure out the term being asked of them. This is where technical components come in, as these lexical parts could help players figure out not just how a word is used but reverse-engineer the code word in the process. Fans may want to consider the following clues when it comes to solving this puzzle:

  • This word has one (1) syllable
  • This word is an adjective when describing the state of something as pure, while this is an adverb when describing the verb that leads to this same state. This word retains its status as a verb when pertaining to the actual removal of impurities.

Suggestions For Starting Words

Word game savants stuck with this particular Wordle piece may want more clues aside from knowing what the term means and how it’s used. In that case, perhaps something more direct like starting words may allow players to find the challenge term much faster. Here are suggested starting words:

5-Letter Words Starting With CLE

Players who want something more direct when it comes to solving today’s Wordle may instead rely on words close to the challenge term. That way, players can immediately narrow down their guesses to useful submissions and avoid wasting their allotted guesses for the day. The word for today begins with CLE-, of which there are 16 five-letter words that fit this format. Here are those words, including the challenge term:


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