Wordle For December 10, 2022: 5-Letter Words Starting With KN


Fans of Wordle who want to solve the puzzle for December 10, 2022 might want to check this guide for extra hints and tips.

Enthusiasts of word games might think the December 10, 2022 Wordle puzzle is a bit tricky to solve, especially since it seems more complicated than usual. This is especially the case, once players realize that this word isn’t particularly something to use on a day-to-day basis.

However, just because a word is on the difficult side doesn’t mean it’s impossible to solve. In fact, players who can find the right tips and tricks may be able to gather some relevant context clues and insights to make the puzzle-solving process easier. However, just how should players approach this solving process and decipher the Wordle challenge?


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What It Means

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Fans of Wordle and other word games who find themselves having a difficult time solving this particular puzzle might want to find definitions that may help them crack the code to this challenge. Sometimes, these words can provide adequate insights and context clues that may help players figure out the challenge term much faster.

This word, in particular, means striking a surface with enough noise to attract attention, especially on doors. In turn, this may also pertain to a collision with someone through a hard blow or a sound caused by the said impact.

Technical Clues

The technical components of today’s Wordle word might help players figure out the solution much faster. This grammatical information can give players insight to the phrase’s meaning, setting them on the road to the right word. Here are technical clues for the Wordle puzzle to consider:

  • This word has one syllable
  • This word is a verb when pertaining to the act of striking
  • This word becomes a noun when pertaining to the sound generated by the act of striking

Suggestions For Starting Words

Experts of word games know that an extra clue like starting words could lead to useful insights that may even solve today’s Wordle challenge. Here are some starting Wordle terms players may want to consider for this Wordle puzzle:

5-Letter Words Starting With KN

Extra hints such as similar words can make the December 10 Wordle challenge much easier to overcome. This word starts with KN-, of which there are 33 five-letter words that fit this configuration. Here are some of those terms, including the answer to the challenge:


Wordle is playable via browser.

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