Will the Mobile E-sports title soon become popular in Europe and the US?


Virtual sports, also known around the world as E-sports, have been very popular in the last couple of years, and a huge market has gathered around this new game format in a fairly short time, and it continues to grow. In this article, however, we do not only deal with traditional E-Sports, but want to find out in more detail whether the popularity of Mobile E-Sports will grow in the near future among European and American consumers.

Virtual sports as part of the game world

The game world is under constant development, thanks to new technological innovations. For example, the really popular iGaming sector, which also partially includes E-sport, has experienced major upheavals over the years. A good example of this is the transition of operators to mobile devices, because today’s well-known gambling sites, such as Comeon casino, which offers high-quality slot games, offer a modern mobile version that is optimized to fit the screens of different smart devices.

This trend of mobilization has slowly started to be seen in E-sport as well, and it’s no wonder, because nowadays consumers are doing more and more activities with the help of smart devices. It is therefore natural that this popular market sector has also begun to be increasingly optimized for mobile devices.

Technology trends have offered this opportunity, as today’s smartphones are so advanced that they are able to run significantly more demanding and graphic outputs than before. However, Mobile E-sport is still not quite as popular as the traditional form of the industry, but can we expect some kind of change in this trend in the near future both in Europe and in the United States?

The near future of Mobile E-sport

Traditional E-sport has established its place among players in Europe as well as in the United States, and there has been no noticeable slowdown in the growth of its popularity. More and more leagues and tournaments have become available, with which this virtual form of sport has developed into a truly significant business. Today, it is a well-known form of entertainment among both players and spectators.

Now the signs are slowly pointing to the fact that this popular field is establishing itself in mobile as well. Mobile E-sport already offers some opportunities, but with the technological development of devices and faster network connections becoming more common, it can be assumed that this offer will grow significantly from the current one.


There has been a clear growth in the popularity of mobile gaming in all areas of the gaming industry for a long time, so it is natural to assume that the popular E-sport will also establish its own place among smart devices over time. Of course, the market sectors want to respond in the best possible way to the needs and habits of consumers, and nowadays mobilization is a very essential part of this. Companies in the gaming industry have invested heavily in producing higher quality mobile experiences than before.

Of course, it is completely impossible to predict the future, but if the industry trends and recent statistics are to be believed, it seems strongly that the Mobile E-sport title is quickly establishing its place on the lips of European and American players and spectators. At this point, we wait with interest to see what the development of this field will bring in the coming years.

Mobile E-sport – the developing field of mobilization

Although Mobile E-sport as a concept may still be a bit unfamiliar to many, it is not a completely new thing. This field has already been developed little by little in response to the mobile behavior of consumers. For a few years now, virtual sports have been one of the fastest developing and most popular areas of the gaming industry, so it is not at all surprising that it also wants to respond to the great popularity of mobile gaming.

Although no one can predict the future, it is very likely that Mobile E-sport will find its place on the screens of more and more consumers in the next few years. The development of technology, the improvement of devices and the ever wider spread of the faster 5G network offer a very favorable platform for this, from which game companies will certainly take all possible advantage.


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