Wild Rift Patch 3.4b: Full Notes Reveal Corki & Senna Buffs

League of Legends’ mobile AKA Wild Rift Patch 3.4b reveals a list of buffs for Corki, Darius and Jax while including adjustments for Olaf.

Through a post on the official Wild Rift handle, the developers revealed the upcoming changes for a slew of champions, old and new. Gwen, a newly launched champion, had been facing issues with her kit since her release. To adjust the buffs to her kit in the first round of the patch, Riot’s Wild Rift team is working on adjusting the champion with few impactful nerfs.

Corki receives an overall buff to her base stats, with a reduction in his Phosporous Bomb Cooldown, and with the base armor bump, the bombardier should be able to sustain its late-game impact. On the other hand, Jax and Riven end up on Riot’s list of base health buffs again.

Base Mana per level: 33 – 50
Base Health per level: 105 changed to 112
Base Armor per level: 3,9 changed to  4.5
(1) Phosphorus Bomb Cooldown: 8s changed to 7s
(3) Gatling Gun Attack Damage ratio per 1s: 40% * 60%
(3) Gatling Gun Cooldown: 16s changed to 14s

Base Health per level: 125 changed to 136
(2) Crippling Strike Cooldown: 6.5/6/5.5/5s + 5.5s

Base Health per level: 105 changed to 112

(1) Icathian Rain Attack Damage ratio per missile: 40% changed to 45%
(1) Icathian Rain Ability Power ratio per missile: 25% changed to 30%
Attack Damage ratio on isolated champion: 90% 101.25%
Ability Power ration on isolated champion: 56.25% changed to 67.5%
Evolved Attack Damage ratio on isolated champion: 150% changed to 168.75%
Evolved Ability Power ratio on isolated champion: 93.75% changed to 112.5%

(2) Ghostwater Dive Cooldown: 11.5/11/10.5/10s + 10.5/10/9.5/9s
(3) Phantom Undertow Cooldown: 12.5/12/11.5/11s decreased tp 11/10.5/10/9.5s

Base Health per level: 105 increased to 115

(1) Piercing Darkness Damage: 40/80/120/160 + 40% Bonus Attack Damage – 50/90/130/170 + 50% Bonus Attack Damage

(2) Bumout Base damage: 25/40/55/70 changed ti 30/45/60/75

(2) Blighted Quiver Active Damage of missing health ratio: 6.5% – 13.5% (based on level) – 8% – 15% (based on level)
(2) Blighted Quiver Max channel time ratio: 13% – 27% (based on lvl) – 16% – 30% (based on Ivl)

(P) Crushing Blows Damage per stack: 3% – 4%
(1) Golden Staff Heal: 15/30/45/60 + 25% Attack Damage + 10% Bonus HP – 30/50/70/90 + 40% Base Attack Damage + 16% Bonus Health (Reduced to 50% vs non champions)

Base Attack Damage per level: 3.6 –

Bop ‘n’ Block Shield duration: 5s changed to Infinite

(P) Thousand Cuts Max damage to monsters: 4 (+4% Ability Power) – 2 (+3% Ability Power)
3) Skip ‘n Slash Cooldown reduction %. 20/30/40/50% + 35/40/45/50%
(3) Skip “n Slash Reduce cooldown when hitting a target + Reduce cooldown when hitting a non-monster target

Miss Fortune
(4) Bullet Time Attack Damage ratio: 85% changed to 75%
(P) Daredevil Impulse Movement speed per grade:3.5% changed to 2.5%
(4) Inferno Trigger: Movement speed reduction: 30% changed to 40%

Base Mana: 300 changed to 340
Base Health Regen: 9 increased to 12
(P) Berserker Rage: +1% Attack speed per 1% Health loss – + 0.6 – 1% (based on level) Attack speed per 1% Health loss
(1) Undertow Mana cost: 60 changed to 45/50/55/60

Base Health per level: 105 – 112
Base Attack Damage: 58 + 54
(2) Spirit Cleave Maximum damage to monsters: 150 ~ 360 * 100 ~ 380

Liandry’s Torment
Ability Power: 70 changed to 75
Health: 250 changed to 200
Passive Base max health damage: 1% decreased to 0.5%

Wild Rift Patch 3.4b Ranked Season S7

Along with the start of Ranked S7, a new season of Legendary Queue will also be rolling out this patch. To keep competitive integrity high in this queue, the dev team will introduce a new gate when the new season starts. You will now have to have a certain amount of mastery on a champion before playing them in this queue:

  • Upon launch the champion score required will be very low (just a few games played)
  • The developers intend to tune the system, but didn’t want to be too restrictive right out of the gate
  • Players will always have access to EVERY champion you have enough mastery in, regardless of the role you’re assigned
  • The Wild Rift team has  implemented protection to make sure players aren’t forced to play off-role picks by the system
  • If the player is assigned to a role and has less than three champions available to pick who are tagged for that role with enough mastery, the system will stretch.
    Players will be allowed to play your highest available mastery champions in that role. This is implemented so if for instance, an ADC main is autofilled jungle, we want to make sure the player wouldn’t be forced to play their awesome MF as a jungle but would instead have something more suitable to play with.

In addition to this, at the start of the season the developers will also be resetting every players’ rank back to Commander IV again in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to prove once again they deserve their ranks. We won’t be resetting MMR though. So if a player moves from Immortal to Commander, and all of your teammates are Commanders, the matchmaker will still make sure your teammates are all players with similar MMR and therefore skill to you as you make your climb once again. Wild Rift Patch 3.4b Ranked Season 7 starts on October 13 at 00:01 UTC.

On November 1, 00:01 UTC we’ll all be able to hop into the dojo! You’ll be able to pick your fighter and train them to grow stronger over the course of the event. You’ll also be able to progress and grow stronger, without playing games. This is our first time running an event like this, so let us know what you think once its live!

After training in the dojo, you can put on your best martial arts garb and take your duels to the arena on the Rift with the new Supreme Cells skins! You’ll be able to earn one of our dojo masters, Supreme Cells Kennen as a login reward. There will also be a pass that the player can purchase for Wild Cores and after logging in for 7 days you’ll earn Supreme Cells Kennen and some other rewards!

Supreme Cells Sett and Zed will be offered in chests that you can purchase for Wild Cores from the store. Upon opening each box, the player willl earn one of the following:

  • Tier 2 Random Skin Chest
  • Tier 3 Random Skin Chest
  • Tier 4 Random Skin Chest
  • Supreme Cells Skin Self Selection Chest
  • 400 Poro Coins

The developers also guarantee that 1 out of every 10 pulls will always be a skin chest.

When does Wild Rift Patch 3.4b Release?

The upcoming patch will also mark the arrival of a new champion, Vex. Wild Rift Patch 3.4b is scheduled to hit live servers across all regions on October 27 at 00:01 UTC. Also, the Wild Rift team is slated to release more information detailing the complex changes within the patch before it’s official live server release on Thursday, October 27. The next sizable update, Patch 3.5 is also slated to go live sometime around in November next month.

For more Wild Rift news and Patch note updates, Follow us here on ESTNN.

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