Why is IEM Rio Major 2022 one of the worst majors in CS:GO history?


The other day IEM Rio Major 2022 ended, which, according to the organizers, was supposed to become the most iconic esports event in the history of CS:GO . First of all, you need to highlight a number of favorite moments, and only then proceed to a critical assessment of the event. So get comfortable and let’s get started!

What can we praise IEM Rio Major 2022 for?


First of all, the excitement around the championship began long before the start of the major. In the first minutes after the start of sales, all tickets were sold out. However, a number of esportsmen and influencers pushed their opinion and forced ESL to increase the number of “seats”, thus expanding the platform of the tournament. Immediately after the news about the placement of the starting stage of IEM Rio Major 2022 in front of the audience, all tickets flew away in an instant.

In general, the championship promised to be interesting. Colorful and exotic location, Brazilian flavor, passionate audience and crowds of spectators – what could prevent the event from breaking into the TOP? However, it was the heightened excitement that raised the bar of expectations too much that it was not possible to see the Major in this form at the exit.


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Who would have thought that FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pajamas would end their performances in “legends” without victories? What do you think of the Pick’Em Challenge story? How many of you have won a diamond medal? Moreover, in the playoffs we saw several passing teams, which were frankly lucky with the net. And who thought that Outsiders and Heroic would meet in the grand final?

On the other hand, this is why we love Counter-Strike. And yet there is a feeling that in Paris we will return to the usual layouts when the giants win.

Why is IEM Rio Major 2022 one of the worst majors in history?

Now it’s worth moving on to the cons of the championship, and their strength clearly outweighs the aftertaste of positive moments. It is worth saying in advance that the opinion is only the subjective nature of the author.

Technical difficulites

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Already on the first day of the competition, we saw several problems that the players had to face during the tournament. At first, the match between OG and Grayhound Gaming dragged on for two hours only because the organizers could not determine the reason for degster’s departure. At the moment, the Bad News Eagles faced problems, one of which also crashed and could not finish the round in the match against 00NATION. By the end of the starting game day, sh1ro was eliminated in the round, which almost determined the defeat of Cloud9 from the same Australians Grayhound Gaming. And there are enough such examples – the same F1KU from OG failed to finish the round due to the same technical problems.

It would seem that it is enough for the organizers to make changes to the rules and forget about the notorious starting damage. But even this can be put up with, if not for one incident that excited the community. In the game Outsiders – fnatic, the players of the British club faced problems at the same time, which prevented them from finishing the round. But the fact is this: the team remained in a 3 vs 3 situation, so there should be no talk of any replay. But ESL foresaw such situations and pointed out an inconspicuous clause in the rulebook, which is why the organizers insisted on a replay.


If you look even further, then at the tournament we saw a blackout. Well, the cherry of all the problems was the delay of the grand final by 40 minutes. In general, it remains to “praise” ESL for organizing the biggest tournament of the season.


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Enough words have been said about the fans on many resources. It remains only to round everything that has been said and present a single picture. If we are talking about the fans, then the Brazilians gave their all for their teams, destroying their opponents. But this sporting anger often went beyond the bounds of what was permitted, as some especially gifted fans sent players, spat and tried to threaten them with their shouts.

We have repeatedly observed the reaction of the public, which mercilessly drowned against the teams that at some stage outplayed the Brazilian teams. You might think that this is how it should be. But if you bend all the facts, then the audience came to root not for eSports and Counter-Strike, but for Brazil.

Needless to say, if the organizers, even before the start of the event, presented the rules of conduct to the participants so as not to “irritate” the fans.

  • Leave all valuables in secure places like a hotel room safe
  • Be discreet in public places. Do not wear a team uniform
  • Do not take photos or videos of your player ID
  • Research the area before you go there
  • Do not take part in public demonstrations
  • Be smart when getting into a dangerous situation and avoid conflicts
  • Saturday, October 30 is the official election day. For your safety, we recommend that you stay at the hotel and the place where the media day takes place

Another thing is that we saw half-empty stands in the playoffs, where the FURIA team did not play. There is no point in talking about the grand final – a complete shame for the organizers. In addition, some of the fans simply came to see their favorite Gaules, who entertained the crowd in front of the arena. And if on the broadcast we saw sleeping fans, then there, behind the walls, there was a full house.

The question is, why hold events in such a place, endangering the players, and even with empty stands?

Lean production

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Many call ESL the best tournament operator. But from year to year we see the same HUD, no cool activations and almost zero interaction with both players and fans. Of course, the preview before the start of the grand final turned out to be cool. But otherwise, ESL is so behind the trends that sometimes it seemed like you were watching another tournament in Katowice or Cologne. It’s time to change something, since then we’ll see the debut of BLAST on the world stage.

IEM Rio Major 2022 was held from October 31 to November 13 in Brazil at the Jeunesse Arena and at the Riocentro conference center. As part of the championship, 24 teams from the CIS, Europe, North and South America, and Asia competed for a total prize pool of $1,250,000, ranking points in the BLAST Premier table, as well as tickets to BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 and IEM Katowice 2023 for the winner.

Results of IEM Rio Major 2022

  • 1st place: Outsiders — $500,000 + 4,000 points + tickets to BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 and IEM Katowice 2023
  • 2nd place: Heroic — $170,000 + 2,000 points
  • 3rd-4th place: MOUZ and FURIA — $80,000 + 1,250 points
  • 5th-8th place: fnatic, Team Spirit, NAVI and Cloud9 — $45,000 + 375 points
  • 9th-11th place: ENCE, Team Liquid and BIG — $20,000
  • 12th-14th place: Bad News Eagles, Sprout and Vitality – $20,000
  • 15th-16th place: FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pajamas — $20,000
  • 17th-19th place: 9z, GamerLegion and OG — $10,000
  • 20th-22nd place: IHC Esports, Evil Geniuses and Grayhound Gaming — $10,000
  • 23rd-24th place: 00NATION and Imperial Esports — $10,000


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