Why Do Gamers Like RGB Lights? [Explained]

You’ve probably seen RGB Lights if you’re a gamer or know much about the gaming community. Now, it’s so common that even console gamers are starting to add lighting to their setups. Why then? Why do so many gamers love RGB lighting? Let’s find out.

RGB lighting gives gamers the chance to make their setups look more like them. Without lighting, all of our sets will look the same or very similar. It’s also because RGB lighting can look very nice, especially if a creative person changes it.

Are you thinking about adding some RGB goodness to your setup? So, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to learn as much as I can about the subject. By the end of the article, you should have answers to all of your questions and be able to decide if RGB is right for you.

Why do gamers favour RGB lights?

Even though many PCs look great on the inside, they can look pretty boring and the same from the outside. It might look like a box with a few parts in it. Stickers, FunkoPops, spray paint, and other things can make our PCs look different. 

With RGB, however, it gives us more ways to change things. It lets us put our styles and personalities into our PCs. You might think, “If everyone has RGB, it’s not something unique anymore.” This is a good point that is often brought up.

But, it’s not true. RGB has a lot of different colours and effects, and they can be different on every device and peripheral. We’ll discuss RGB lighting in the next part of the article. I want to give you an idea of how much you can change things.

What’s the purpose of RGB?

I think it’s not hard. RGB looks pretty cool, but it also makes our gaming systems more than just a black or white box with some stickers on it.

Is RGB Lighting Valuable?

I think RGB lighting is well worth the money. The more “worth it” lighting is, the better the quality is. Most of the time, better RGB lights have a wider range of colours and more ways to change them. Your gaming room or corner is more “worth it” the more creative you are and spend more time there. 

Some gamers spend a lot of time with their setups, which we know. Since RGB lights aren’t that expensive, getting them is worth it, especially if you think your computer looks a little plain. Again, it’s just a black or white crate sitting on your desk if you look at it.

Is RGB making you a better gamer?

Wasn’t it obvious? RGB lighting makes you a better gamer. I’m just kidding; it doesn’t make you a better gamer unless you let it through mental trickery. In all seriousness, RGB lighting could make you feel better about gaming, making a difference.

For now, though, the idea that RGB makes you a better gamer is just an old joke. So, if someone told you that before, they were probably messing with you. Some peripherals, like headsets that sound more real, a good gaming mouse, and a good gaming keyboard, can help you get better, in my experience. 

Even a good monitor can help you get better or make things better. But what about things like RGB? It shouldn’t make you a better gamer unless it’s something in your head.

Uses RGB RAM more power?

Yes, it uses more electricity, but the amount of electricity that the RGB on the RAM uses is very small. Not just RGB RAM, but RGB is generally pretty energy efficient. 

As far as the RAM itself goes, RGB doesn’t use any RAM, so feel free to go out and buy the biggest RGB head you can find. It doesn’t matter, but that brings us to our next question.

Does RGB affect how well it works?

RGB doesn’t have anything to do with how well a computer works. It just lights up with some electricity that goes through the PC. And, as we’ve talked about, it doesn’t use very much electricity.

Another old gaming joke says that RGB makes a computer run faster and that if you don’t have RGB, your computer won’t be able to reach a high FPS. This is not even true, but it is pretty funny.

What does the acronym RGB mean in gaming, and what does it do?

RGB is an acronym for “Red, Green, and Blue.” When these three colours are changed and mixed, they make a wider range of colours. We’ve already talked about how these three colours can be changed to show a range of 16,777,216 colours.

Some parts of a gaming PC, like the motherboard, RAM, hard drives, and so on, can have RGB lights built-in. You can also buy them as separate strips and connect them to your power supply or motherboard before putting them on your PC.

If you can believe it, RGB lighting can also be found on your keyboard, mouse, headset, mouse pads, and monitor. Usually, this is on the back of the monitor, so it lights up your wall.

On their walls, gamers also have LED RGB lighting pads. This lets them change how their games are set up, and their gaming room looks. RGB lighting doesn’t help in any way. The power use is also not a big deal. It only makes gaming rooms and setups look pretty cool.

Does RGB cause heat?

Anything that uses electricity will make heat, but RGB LEDs only use a small fraction of a watt. So, they don’t produce much heat, just like I said about how much power they use in the RAM section.

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Does RGB lighting change airflow?

Big companies like Corsair have spent millions of dollars on research and development. So, it’s true that older fans with RGB lighting did change how air moves through a PC, but they don’t do that anymore. I should have said that they don’t change the airflow enough to be noticeable.

Using too many RGB strips and leaving them hanging in your tower would make it harder for air to flow. Also, if you do, be careful not to cover any of the vents in your chassis, as this will stop air from flowing through.

My Last Words

Gamers like RGB because it lets them make their setups look how they want. If you don’t like RGB, don’t be mean to people who do. It all comes down to what you like.

RGB setups are also possible for console gamers, but you have to think of creative ways to do it. A good place to start is with peripherals that have RGB. RGB isn’t bad for your computer, and it doesn’t improve or hurt performance either. Probably a joke if you’ve heard this before.

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