Who Are the Best Call of Duty Players of All-Time?


Did you know over 90 million people play Call of Duty every single month? Call of Duty also has a great professional esports scene which includes the Call of Duty where prize pools can reach over $2 million. You can stream and bet on all of these matches at ggbet esports. In this article, we are going to look at the 5 best COD players of all time.

1. Crimsix

Crimsix is a Call of Duty legend! The retired American pro has lifetime winnings of just under $1 million. He won the Call of Duty League – 2020 Playoffs for $1.5 million with Dallas Empire and the CWL Championship 2017 for $600,000 with OpTic Gaming. Crimsix is widely considered the greatest Main AR to ever play COD. The 29-year-old is now retired after completing a Call of Duty career that most gamers could only dream of.

2. Karma

Karma is a retired Canadian pro who was crushing the biggest Call of Duty tournaments for many years with OpTic Gaming. Amazingly, Karma’s career lasted for over 10 years which is nearly unheard of in Call of Duty. He won back-to-back Call of Duty World Championships in 2013 and 2014. All of his stellar tournament performances earned him lifetime winnings of $500,000.


3. Clayster

Clayster is an active Call of Duty pro who is currently playing for Las Vegas Legion where he is Main AR. Clayster went pro all the way back in 2012 and is still dominating Call of Duty tournaments in 2023. He has lifetime earnings of $947,515 and has won some massive tournaments including the Call of Duty League – 2020 Playoffs, the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019, and the CWL Pro League Finals 2019. Head to GGBET to see if Clayster can add to his COD trophy collection in 2023!

4. Scump

Scump is an absolute nightmare for his Call of Duty rivals! The 27-year-old is signed to OpTic Texas and has been a pro since 2014. He currently has just under $800,000 in lifetime Call of Duty tournament winnings. He is known for his lightning-quick reflexes and amazing aiming ability. His best result came at the CWL Championship 2017 where he helped OpTic Gaming win the title and walk away with $600,000 in cash!

5. FormaL

FormaL is a retired Call of Duty pro who most recently played for OpTic Chicago. He is considered an OG in the Call of Duty scene after turning pro way back in 2013. FormaL currently has over $500,000 in Call of Duty lifetime tournament earnings and was known for his aggressive style and effortless ability to score headshots. His biggest payday came at the Call of Duty League – 2020 Playoffs when he led the Chicago Huntsmen to a 3rd place finish which was worth $600,000!

Final Thoughts

The best Call of Duty player on the planet is Crimsix. The retired American pro won virtually every big COD tournament on the planet and ended his career with over $900,000 in winnings. Comment below who you think the best Call of Duty player of all time is.


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