When does the March of the Lich King Hearthstone expansion launch in your local time


When does the March of the Lich King Hearthstone expansion launch in your local time


The March of the Lich King Hearthstone expansion is about to go live, but when exactly? Check out our countdown to be there first!

Every Hearthstone fan is excited about the March of the Lich King expansion and the new Death Knight class, but when does it go live? Esports.gg has you covered. No need to worry about time zones and conversions.  

Hearthstone Expansion, March of the Lich King release time

The official time for every Hearthstone Expansion is 10 a.m PDT, but who knows what that means if you don’t live on the US West Coast? That is why we present you this count down for all you Hearthstone fans anxious to play in the next March of the Lich King expansion:


You can also use this link that converts 10am PDT to your time zone to check when the new Hearthstone expansion goes live in your local time.

Once the March of the Lich King expansion goes live, every Hearthstone player will need to re-login to access the new cards. There will be no need for downloads if you have updated the game in the last week since all the expansion data was included in the 25.0 patch has already been released ahead of the expansion.

March of the Lich King Hearthstone launch expansion key art
March of the Lich King expansion key art

Remember that during this weekend, you can open your Pre-Purchase March of the Lich King Hearthstone bundles by creating a Fireside Gathering. If you want to know how to set up a private event and how to open your packs ahead of time, check out our article on Fireside Gatherings here!

Bare in mind that when the expansion launches, Hearthstone servers might suffer user overflow. So don’t panic if it takes you some minutes to enter the game. Furthermore, expansion patches and new cards usually come with some unwanted interactions. If you are experiencing bugs or crashes, make sure you check the forums to see if they are included in the Known Issues thread.

Free Decks for New and Returning players

Expansions are the time when many players return to the game and many others give it a try for the first time. For all of you, there is some good news. In anticipation of the expansion launch, the Hearthstone team has updated the Free decks for March of the Lich King.

If you are logging in for the first time in 120 days or you are a new player, you will be eligible to claim one. These free Hearthstone decks don’t include any March of the Lich King cards, but they are a great start if you need to boost your collection this expansion launch.

For all the details, check out our article that includes every deck, its power level and value. On top of that, we give you some insights that might be helpful when choosing.

One last Hearthstone tip before the expansion launches

Expansion launches are a crucial time for free-to-play Hearthstone players, and I would like to share with you some advice before you begin the March of the Lich King. If you have limited resources, don’t rush into crafting cards or archetypes. The meta will be very volatile, and every investment it’s a risky investment.

Here there is a list of tips for you to manage your collection wisely and don’t make the mistakes I once made.

That is all for now, but I expect to see all of you Marching when the latest Hearthstone expansion launches. Naxx out?


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