What The Hell Happened To REDFALL?

Have you been wondering what’s going on with REDFALL? You’re not alone. The highly anticipated game was supposed to hit shelves by now, but it seems to have vanished into thin air. In this blog post, we’ll investigate what happened to REDFALL and delve into the various rumors and theories surrounding its disappearance. So, fasten your seatbelts as we try to unravel this intriguing mystery together.

What The Hell Happened To REDFALL?


The gaming industry is a highly competitive space where developers invest a lot of time and resources to create immersive experiences that captivate gamers. Unfortunately, not all games meet the expectations of the gaming community. One such game is Redfall, a highly anticipated looter shooter game from Arkane that recently hit the markets. However, Redfall has received mixed reviews, and gamers across platforms are asking, what the hell happened to Redfall?

Redfall – A Brief Overview

When Arkane announced Redfall, the gaming community was filled with excitement for this co-op looter shooter game. The game features a unique storyline set in a supernatural world filled with vampires. The game was developed over a five-year period and recently launched on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Mixed Reviews On Metacritic

While some gamers are enjoying Redfall, others have expressed disappointment in the game. The Metacritic score for Redfall stands at 64 Metascore on PC and a 59 Metascore on Xbox based on user reviews, both of which are average scores. The game has received mixed reviews due to its technical issues, poor writing, and barren world.

Negative Steam Reviews

Steam user reviews have also given the game a “Mostly Negative” rating based on 816 reviews, with only 30% positive. The primary concern of gamers is the game’s technical issues, which include pop-in, control problems, motion sickness, and bugs. Furthermore, the game is being criticized for its poorly written dialogue for playable characters.

Barren World vs. Unique Storyline

Redfall’s supernatural world is a unique aspect of the game. However, the world is also described as barren and lifeless, which has contributed to some of the negative feedback. Gamers are looking for interactive and immersive worlds that they can lose themselves in. Redfall’s world is not meeting this standard.

Lacking Matchmaking & Character Option

Another point of contention for Redfall is the lack of co-op matchmaking. This means players must rely on their friends or manually invite other players to join their games. The game also does not let players change characters in the middle of the story mode, limiting the player’s agency.

Root Cause

The issues with Redfall can be linked to poor development decisions. The game’s problems are thought to stem from multiple issues, including the emphasis on co-op gameplay and potential plans for a live service title. These ambitions, coupled with other development missteps, have contributed to Redfall’s current state.

Microsoft’s Approach

Another issue gamers are concerned about is Microsoft’s approach to managing its first party lineup and oversight of game development. Some gamers are questioning the way Microsoft is managing its first-party studios, specifically Arkane, and asking why more and better resources were not invested in the game’s development.


Redfall, an anticipated co-op looter-shooter game from Arkane, is receiving mixed reviews from gamers. With a focus on co-op gameplay and a potential push for a live service title, the game has been criticized for technical issues, barren world, and poor writing, among other things. Gamers also question Microsoft’s management of its first-party studios. Redfall’s mixed reviews and ratings suggest that the game has a long way to go before it can be considered one of the great co-op looter shooter games out there.


  1. Is Redfall worth buying?
    Ans. Redfall has received mixed reviews and ratings. It might not be worth buying if you are looking for interactive and immersive worlds or highly unique writing.

  2. Can players change characters in Redfall?
    Ans. No, players cannot change characters in the middle of the story mode, limiting the player’s agency.

  3. Does Redfall have matchmaking for co-op play?
    Ans. No, Redfall lacks co-op matchmaking, which means players need to invite their friends or other players manually.

  4. What are some of the technical issues in Redfall?
    Ans. Technical issues include pop-in, control problems, motion sickness, and bugs.

  5. What is the Metascore of Redfall on Xbox and PC?
    Ans. Redfall has a Metascore of 59 on Xbox and 64 on PC based on user reviews on Metacritic.

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