What Should The Next Nintendo Gaming Console/Handheld Be Called?

As the gaming industry advances and technology evolves, the release of a new gaming console or handheld device is always an exciting event for gamers. With Nintendo being a major player in the gaming world, speculations and rumors are already brewing about the next Nintendo gaming device. One question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is, what will the next Nintendo gaming console/handheld be called? In this blog post, we explore possible names that Nintendo could choose for their next gaming device and share our thoughts on the most fitting title.

What Should The Next Nintendo Gaming Console/Handheld Be Called?


Nintendo is one of the oldest and most beloved gaming companies in the world, known for creating innovative consoles and handheld systems. From the classic Nintendo Entertainment System to the Nintendo Switch, this company has always pushed the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. But with the Switch being several years old now, many people are wondering what Nintendo’s next console will be, and more importantly, what it will be called. The lack of a consistent naming convention makes it hard to predict, but there are clues that can help us speculate what the next Nintendo gaming console or handheld device might be called.

Switch 2?

One of the most popular assumptions is that Nintendo will keep the “Switch” branding for their next console. This would make sense considering the Switch’s enormous success, but it could also create confusion for consumers who aren’t sure if they should upgrade to the newest iteration of the same console. If they were to use the same name, how would it differentiate from the current device?


Another possibility would be for Nintendo to use prefixes (like “Super”) or suffixes (like “Advance”) to distinguish the new console from the current one. In the past, Nintendo has used this tactic to differentiate between consoles, such as releasing the Super Nintendo after the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, this naming convention did not apply to handheld devices.

Incorporating a Number

Alternatively, Nintendo may choose to use a simple number to communicate that it is a newer version of the previous console. This methodology has been used by tech companies in the past; for example, the iPhone naming convention uses numbers to identify newer models.

Name That Prompts Innovation

One other option would be for Nintendo to come up with an entirely new name, something that is not related to any previous console or handheld. Nintendo is known for innovation, so it is possible they may choose to break away from any naming conventions and come up with something entirely new and groundbreaking. It is also possible that Nintendo may use a name that is more focused on what the console can do or what new features it offers.

Overall, it’s really hard to say what Nintendo will name their next console or handheld. This lack of naming convention has caused much speculation for fans, and many hope that Nintendo will be creative and innovative with their next device.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we’ve come across in anticipation of the next Nintendo gaming console or handheld device:

  1. When is the next Nintendo gaming console or handheld expected to be released?
    Rumors suggest that the new device will be released next year, although some speculate that it might not be released until 2024.

  2. Will the new device come with backwards compatibility?
    It is too soon to say whether or not the new device will be compatible with games from its predecessor.

  3. Will the new device include new features?
    It is likely that the new device will have some additional features, although we can’t say for sure.

  4. Will the new device be more expensive than the current Switch?
    Again, it is too soon to say for sure. It is possible that the new device may come at a premium price point for the newest technology.

  5. What types of games will be compatible with the new device?
    This is dependent on what Nintendo ultimately decides to call the new device, as well as differences in hardware and software between the current and new consoles.It’s also difficult to predict what types of games will be compatible with the new device, as the gaming landscape is constantly changing.

Regardless of what Nintendo decides to call their next console or handheld, there is no doubt that it will generate a lot of excitement among gamers. Nintendo has always been at the forefront of innovation in gaming, and fans are eager to see what they have in store for the future.

In conclusion, there are many possibilities for what Nintendo’s next gaming console or handheld might be called. Whether they choose to stick to the “Switch” branding, use a numbering system, incorporate prefixes or suffixes, or come up with something entirely new, we can only wait and see what they decide. One thing is for sure, though: Nintendo will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming and offer new and exciting experiences for gamers of all ages.

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