What program for the 2023 edition of the GamesBeat Summit?

GamesBeat returns in 2023 with the GamesBeat Summit, a flagship event bringing together the world’s leading video game specialists. This 15th edition will take place from April 26 to 28, 2023. The first day will be held virtually, while the second and third days will take place in Los Angeles with more than 800 participants physically present. Back to the program.

Focus on virtual reality and the metaverse

One of the first sessions will be dedicated to virtual reality. The new opportunities of a market already largely invested by the giant Meta (Facebook) will be presented. Indeed, the group has already sold 10 million VR headsets according to the CEO of Qualcomm, supplier of Meta’s Snapdragon processors.

The theme of virtual reality will be deepened in numerous workshops around the metaverse. Speakers will discuss the potential of such innovation in fields as varied as marketing, well-being or content monetization. Nanea Reeves, CEO of TRIPP, will discuss, for example, the application of the metaverse in meditation practices. As for Shi Hai, founder of Snail Games, publisher of the game ARK: Survival Evolved , she will present new ways to integrate players who produce their own content into the metaverse so that they can earn an income from it.

Games of the future

Mobile Games

Another big theme will be mobile games, with a presentation of the latest global trends, including the rise of hyper-casual games.

Journalist Dean Takahashi and specialist Greg Hartrell (Google) will detail the conditions for the lasting success of mobile games, which should notably go through the deployment of LiveOps and the creation of cross-platform experiences.


The mobile games market already represents 59% of global gaming revenue in 2021, according to Statista. This impressive result is partly explained by the rise of new computer languages such as HTML5. After having dethroned its competitor Adobe Flash Player in 2010, HTML5 has made it possible to profoundly transform the user experience on PC and mobile.

The HTML5 games can incorporate many elements, such as HD video and complex graphics. On the other hand, the source code of these games is adaptable to any device, thus simplifying updates.

Blockchain and Web3

Even though blockchain games are not yet widespread, they are experiencing a great success on certain continents such as Asia, and in particular in India. Aware of the phenomenon, the GamesBeat Summit decided to take a close interest in it by offering a targeted debate. Gaming veterans Neil Young and David Gardner will share their analysis of blockchain games. Neil Young will focus more specifically on the future of the web, Web3, whose infrastructure is essentially made up of blockchain technology.

We can therefore hope that the current criticisms around the metaverse, and in particular on that of Meta, will be mitigated by the good news that could be announced during the next edition of the GamesBeat Summit. Doesn’t the other success of the Lisbon Web Summit 2022 augur a rather bright future for the innovations in progress?

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