What is Valorant Swift Play and how is it different from Spike Rush?


What is Valorant Swift Play and how is it different from Spike Rush?

What is Valorant Swift Play and how is it different from Spike Rush?


Same Game, Same skills, fewer rounds, less time. Welcome to Valorant Swift Play.

Valorant Swift Play, currently in its beta, is a short game mode that brings the experience of traditional Valorant but at a faster pace. Only one player can carry the Spike in this new game mode. The game mode will go live for a short time in January 2023. Here’s all we know about Valorant Swift Play so far.

Valorant has much fewer rounds compared to CS: GO but Riot is doubling down. With Spike Rush, players had an opportunity to find a game even if they don’t have much time available. They can complete a game quickly and then move on. It seems the popularity of Spike Rush is something Riot wants to emulate in other game modes as well. Valorant Swift Play is one such example where the first team to reach four-round wins will secure the victory. However, it is different from Spike Rush and brings a new level of strategic gameplay into focus in the shorter game mode.

Swift play does not affect a player’s rank 

Features of Valorant Swift Play

Valorant Gameplay Screenshot
  • First team to reach five rounds wins the match
  • Two halves – each consisting of four rounds each
  • Single Spike carrier
  • Weapons and credits carry over from one round to next
  • Starting money is as follows
    • First round: 800
    • Second round: 2450
    • 3rd and 4th rounds: 4250
  • +600 credit bonus for winning pistol round
  • Standard Kill bonuses (+200c) and Spike Plant bonuses (+300c)
  • Sudden death overtime
  • Game time is approximately 15 minutes.

When does Valorant Swift Play release?

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The Valorant Swift Play will be available to everyone only on January 10, 2023 for a short period of time.

With the Valorant Patch 5.12, the Game mode, in its beta form is now available in the client. However, since it is in beta mode, not everyone can access it just yet. 

Here are some important FAQs

When does Valorant Swift Play release?

Valorant Swift play is currently in beta mode. The game mode will release on January 10, 2023.

What is Valorant Swift Play?

Valorant Swift play is an unranked 5v5 game mode where first team to reach 5 rounds wins.

What’s new about Valorant Swift Play?

Only one person carries the spike. Guns and money carry over to the next round

Stay tuned to esports for the latest Valorant news and updates.

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