What does the popular Twitch emoji Sadge mean?


Emojis have become an essential part of live broadcasts in the modern world of streaming. With their help, fans and average viewers can express their emotions and react to the events that occur on screens. Sadge has become one of such popular emojis on the streaming platform Twitch. In this material, you will find out the history of the origin of Sadge, its meaning, and its use on the web. Previously, we told about the meaning of the word “KEKW”.

The history of the origin of Sadge

The image that is used as an emoji is one of the variations of Pepe the Frog that appeared back in 2005. Initially, Pepe the Frog was a webcomic that turned into various memes later. This version of Pepe was published on the anonymous forum 4chan in 2009 and it was a sad frog that was staring at the ground.

This emoji emerged on twitch in 2020. Everyone can get Sadge with the help of such extensions as BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ. Both popular streamers and their community, for example, AdmiralBulldog and Forsen, and, also, the biggest forum Reddit played their role in the popularization of this emoji. All of this made Sadge an extremely popular emoji on Twitch.

In popular culture, fans even dedicate songs to Sadge, for example, The Sadge Ballad written by V Valdo and released in August 2020. Also, it is worth noting Everywhere I Go I’m Reminded Sadge by Kian22, which was out in April 2020. Now, let’s talk about its meaning.

The meaning of the Sadge emoji

Sadge consists of two English words “sad” and “cringe”. Pepe can have a different appearance but the key thing is a sad facial expression and a downward gaze. The emoji itself means sadness or disappointment. Also, it is frequently used ironically. A person who uses Sadge is not necessarily sad. Sadge is often also used as a meme.

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The use of Sadge nowadays

You can use Sadge if something sad or depressive happens during a live broadcast on twitch. Also, it will be appropriate to use this emoji when a player or a team you are rooting for fails to succeed. Besides, you can send Sadge as a meme in chat to laugh at a steamer at any funny moment.


To send this emoji in the Twitch chat, write Sadge or:sadge: and you will see a familiar image with the sad frog Pepe. It is important to remember that the streamer’s channel has to support this emoji for it to work, which means that he/she has to use the above-mentioned extensions. If a streamer does not use BetterTTv or FrankerFaceZ, you can just type Sadge in chat in the form of a text message. Don’t worry, everyone will understand you.


Sadge is another variation of Pepe the Frog. The emoji is relatively fresh and became a part of Twitch in 2020, despite it has been circulating on the internet since 2009. It can be used with its direct meaning to express sadness or with a piece of irony. This emoji is becoming extremely popular.

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