Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun: Strongest Students


Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a supernatural comedy series about a human boy who gets adopted by a kindly old demon, who sends him off to attend Babyls School for Demons. Iruma must keep his being a human a secret while making friends at school.

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The students at the academy have a variety of special abilities granted to them through their bloodlines, as well as the ability to learn all kinds of magic at school. While the series doesn’t necessarily revolve around fights, there is a clear discrepancy in power levels between certain demons. Here are the strongest demons in the school, ranked by their powers.


9/9 Clara Valac

Clara Valac is one of Iruma’s closest friends and a member of the Valac clan of demons. That connection grants her a unique bloodline ability to pull whatever she has seen before from her pockets, essentially allowing her to create objects out of thin air.

While this power alone is not very useful in combat, her lessons with the succubus teacher Raim allowed her to combine her ability with illusion magic to create an alternate space filled with things she’s created to enchant and allure her opponents. The space drains their mana in the process, leaving them exhausted once they leave the space.

8/9 Picero Agares

Picero Agares with his mask off

A slothful demon who is always seen sleeping, Agares’s power isn’t immediately seen as useful. As a bloodline ability, “My Area” allows Agares to control anything that he recognizes as his bed, which doesn’t seem all that impressive.

However, after training, he gained the ability to recognize the ground and other places as his bed, allowing Agares to control earth, wood, and water at will. This allows him to do things like creating massive castles and more by his own will. It still isn’t a great ability in combat, but it has powerful defensive potential and utility.

7/9 Keroli Crocell

Keroli Crocell during the harvest festival

Undercover idol Keroli Crocell may not seem like the most intimidating character in the series, but her appearance belies her abilities. She has the power to control the temperature of water, allowing her to freeze areas and create ice from water vapor.

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Keroli also gained the ability to control beasts and creatures with her beauty alone, making her an incredible beast tamer and summoner. She also has two powerful beasts as her familiars, so while she personally doesn’t have a lot of fighting ability, she is still a threat to be feared.

6/9 Goemon Garp

Goemon Garp fighting a monster

Goemon Garp is one of the members of the Misfits Class, and one that doesn’t get the spotlight often. He carries a sword with him that he is fairly skilled with, being able to use it to fight enemies with ease.

Goemon’s bloodline ability allows him to create and throw invisible blades created by wind, which he uses in conjunction with his swordplay to shred his enemies. While he isn’t the most impressive member of the Misfits Class, he is nevertheless a capable fighter.

5/9 Iruma Suzuki

Iruma Suzuki creating his new bow

As a human, Iruma lacks a lot of the strange powers that demons possess. Soon after enrolling at Babyls, Iruma obtains the Ring of Gluttony, a special ring that allows him to use his adoptive grandfather’s magic to cast spells. This is how Iruma manages to avoid being exposed as a human during his time at Babyls.

During the training for the Harvest Festival, Iruma apprenticed under Bachiko Barbatos, who taught him to create bows that can fire powerful mana arrows. When the training was completed, Iruma became a capable archer in addition to his other magical powers.

4/9 Dorodoro Brothers

Dorodoro Brothers during the harvest festival

Ichiro and Niro Androalphus are rowdy students at Babyls who have had to repeat their first year due to various circumstances. They first appeared during the harvest festival with the intention of finding and getting back the teacher that they admired so much.

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Despite their bloodline ability not being related to battle, the Dorodoro brothers are incredibly skilled in battle, fighting on par with Alice and Sabnock, two of the strongest fighters in the Misfits class and possibly the entire school. While the Dorodoro brothers do not appear often in the story, their power is not to be underestimated.

3/9 Sabro Sabnock

Sabro Sabnock smiling

Sabnock is easily the largest member of the Misfits Class, and his physical ability is visibly clear. His bloodline ability allows him to create weapons out of anything he bites into, allowing him to be ready for any fight instantly.

In addition, Sabnock’s love for battle has allowed him to develop a strong and powerful physical body, which allows him to excel in battle even without his bloodline ability. Sabnock quickly established himself as one of the strongest members of the Misfits Class, though that sometimes gets him into trouble.

2/9 Alice Asmodeus

Alice Asmodeus in battle

The elite and handsome Alice Asmodeus is one of Iruma’s best friends, having met and fought with him on his first day of school. Asmodeus is a powerful fighter from the outset, with the ability to create wings to fly with.

While Asmodeus’s bloodline ability is still unknown, he does have the power to utilize powerful fire magic, making him an incredible fighter regardless. He is the only student in the Misfits Class to have already had the fourth rank of Daleth before the Harvest festival, proving his immense strength.

1/9 Ameri Azazel

Ameri Azazel blushing

Ameri Azazel serves as Babyls’s Student Council President and is therefore an authoritative figure who nevertheless strikes up an odd friendship with Iruma, getting close enough to him that she starts to crush on him. Despite her occasionally adorable and bashful demeanor, Ameri is an impressive demon who has the sixth rank of Vau, the highest rank a student has ever earned.

Ameri has incredible strength and fighting ability, easily breaking down walls and stopping fights with ease. She also has the ability to cast magic without an incantation, and her bloodline ability boosts her abilities even further, making her the most powerful student in Babyls School for Demons.

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