WCG 2022-23 Announces Its Grand Opening with All New Features


Bigpicture Interactive Co, an esports organization based in Korea, has announced plans for its a global esports event ‘WCG 2022-23’ at the Online Live Showcase on December 12th.

The Online Live Showcase has declared the return of WCG after its two-year hiatus since ‘2020 WCG CONNECTED’ with a completely new look, freeing itself from limited time and space.

First, ‘WCG 2022-23’ offers various contents angled toward gamers around the globe.

‘WCG Platform’ which will be launched on the 12th includes ‘WCG Tournament’, tournament held on a regular basis and open for everyone, from casual to world-class gamers, ‘WCG Challenge’ where gamers can achieve missions and compete for records with their gameplay data, and ‘WCG LAND’ where participants can draw pixel arts and compete for ranking, with tickets collected through in-platform activities. 

Furthermore, ‘WCG Rivals’ which features matchups of various nations, teams and influencers in rivalry will be introduced. WCG Rivals will be held on a regular basis, beginning with the classic matchup of Korea vs. Japan on Dec. 16th (Fri.) The inaugural series, ‘WCG Rivals #1’, will invite influencers and professional teams from Korea and Japan, and all matches will be broadcasted live through various streaming platforms including YouTube, Twitch and AfreecaTV.

The Grand Finals event which will mark the finale of WCG 2022-23 takes place in July 2023. Held as an offline event, WCG 2022-23 Grand Finals will provide diversified enjoyment through combination of both traditional and whole new WCG elements.

“Bigpicture Interactive aims to propose a new direction for WCG as a global platform that transcends the bounds of gaming where gamers around the world can discover new joy,” exclaimed Song Kwangjun, CEO of Bigpicture Interactive Co., “and with the company motto of ‘Happiness for Gamers’, the entire organization will make the best effort to make WCG the best global esports festival in the world.”

WCG, which has been together with the development of the esports industry for the past 20 years, will continue to offer new events and content to bring joy to all gamers online and offline through Bigpicture Interactive’s esports platform and know-hows.


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