Ways to Collect Bonuses in Online Casinos


When it comes to casino bonuses, online casinos are very generous in giving them. If you don’t know, bonuses are promotional or free items given by casinos to encourage players to play more games, as the bonuses can be exchanged for extra money or chips. While land-based casinos do offer bonuses, they don’t give those as frequently as online casinos do. If you want to spend less money but play more games and possibly win more prizes, then you should collect as many bonuses as you can.

Fortunately, collecting bonuses is very easy to do, although you will need to follow specific instructions or steps to get some of them in an online Japan casino and other gambling websites. If you are here to figure out how to collect bonuses, we are here to help you by providing some tips to get those bonuses with ease. So, without more delays, here are the different ways to collect bonuses in online casinos.

Log-In For the First Time

The very first type of bonus that you can get on online gambling websites is the welcome bonus, also known as the online sign-up bonus. Getting this type of bonus is fairly simple, as you just need to create an account on an online casino that offers it and then log in to your account for the first time.

However, you won’t be able to use or redeem the welcome bonus without depositing money, as the amount of extra money you get from the bonus would depend on how much cash you deposited. So, if you are going to deposit $20 and you have a 100% welcome bonus, then you will receive an additional $20 in your account’s wallet.

As mentioned, getting the welcome bonus is simple, although you would need to make sure that you are creating a digital account on a trusted online casino. In order for you to know which online casinos are trusted, you will need to check for their gambling license, and you also need to consult a casino review website so that you will see which online casinos are the best and the most trusted.

Deposit Money

Another type of casino bonus that is quite easy to get is the deposit bonus, which enables you to get extra money for every deposit. So, the deposit bonus works similarly to the welcome bonus, but the deposit bonus can be collected anytime as opposed to the welcome bonus, which can only be collected and redeemed once.

Deposit bonuses would often be given after you log in, or you can collect them through the website’s homepage, as most online casinos would heavily promote the deposit bonuses. Also, there is a chance that the deposit bonus will already be added to your account, so all you actually have to do is just deposit money to activate the bonus.


If you have a deposit bonus, you should at least deposit a large amount of money so that you can get more extra cash in your account. However, it is also important to keep in mind that there is a cap or a limit to how much extra money most deposit bonuses can provide. If the deposit bonus has a cap of $50, you won’t be able to get more than $50 as extra money even if you deposit three, four, or five times more than that.

Collect Bonuses on Promotional Pages

Similar to the deposit bonus, you will have the opportunity to get different kinds of bonuses through promotional pages, which are often shown on the homepage of most online casinos. If there is a promotion for a specific type of bonus on the homepage, you should click on that bonus, which would either redirect you to a promotional page or just give you the bonus immediately.

Some of the bonuses you can get from promotional pages are the no-deposit bonus, the free spins, and the cashback bonus. The no-deposit bonus enables you to get extra money without depositing, while the free spins are exclusively used on online slot games to get more chances to spin the reels. Then, the cashback bonus allows you to get a little bit of the money you’ve lost while playing casino games. Make sure to check the homepage of the online casino every now and then to see if it has a new set of bonuses to offer.

Refer Friends or Family Members

If you have friends or family members that are interested in playing games in online casinos, then you should definitely try referring them to your preferred casino website. If your chosen casino website provides a referral bonus, you will have a chance to get a lot of extra money by simply referring friends or family members.

Most of the time, the referral works when you provide a code to the person you are inviting, and that person would have to input the code on his or her account so that you will receive a referral bonus. But, there are only a few online casinos on the web that provide referral bonuses, so check your chosen online casino and see if they are one of those few.

Just Keep Playing

The easiest way to collect bonuses is to just keep playing casino games, which is what you will mainly do in online casinos. So, you don’t have to follow any steps or instructions to get some bonuses, as you can just enjoy playing your favorite casino games in the comfort of your home or while outdoors (as long as you have a stable internet connection).

You can collect free spins easily by simply playing online slot games, and you sometimes won’t even notice that you already have a few bonuses on your account. Besides free spins, you also get no-deposit bonuses and other types of bonuses by just playing games.

So, these are the simplest ways you can collect bonuses in online casinos. Collect as many online bonuses as you can, but remember that most of them have expiration dates, so use them wisely before they expire.


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