Watch the newly released trailer for Ketsugou Danshi, a game where guys are based on periodic table elements

Ketsugou Danshi, or Bonding Boys: Elements with Emotions is a Japan-only game that has turn-based combat, visual novel features, and guys based on your favorite chemical elements. Ten periodic table elements as guys will be present in the title, although six of these characters are locked behind paid DLC. The boys included in the base game are as follows:

  • Saku Minamoto (Hydrogen)
  • Eito Yasukata (Oxygen)
  • Rikka Kasumi (Carbon)
  • Shiki Uroku (Beryllium)

The six paid DLC characters are the following:

  • Nanase Toushou (Nitrogen)
  • Misora Ukiishi (Lithium)
  • Jin Kurogane (Iron)
  • Kuon Todoroki (Fluorine)
  • Ichina Shiozuru (Chlorine)
  • Izayoi Seiryu (Sulfur)

Other highlights about the title include the game’s turn-based battle system, which features chemical reactions based on combining elements to create certain buffs, or the expansive story, which will have 45 routes and over 90 different endings.

Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions is scheduled to release in Japan in 2023, and no plans as of yet are announced to bring the game elsewhere.

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