The Advantage Of Playing Warzone On A Pc Or Console: Which Is Better?

Call of Duty: Warzone is now old, but PC players still have a big advantage over console players.

No one should be surprised that PC players in Warzone have an advantage over console players. Shooters have done better on PCs for a long time now for several reasons.

Yes, players who use a controller benefit from a big aim-help feature that helps even the odds. But this bonus is nowhere near enough to compensate for all the other great things that come with being a PC player.

The biggest problem with being a PC player is that there are so many Warzone hackers that they ruin almost every game. Some console players even switch the game’s cross-play feature to stop PC cheaters from joining their games.

The main advantages of playing Warzone on a PC over a console are:

In a recent ad, YouTuber and Warzone expert Jackfrags listed all the advantages PC players have over console players.

Even if you don’t count the mouse and keyboard as benefits of having a PC, there’s still a lot to get through.

NVIDIA Game Filters

First, people with NVIDIA graphics cards can use the NVIDIA Game Filters. This layer can be used to brighten up parts of Verdansk, making the game easier to see for PC users.

It also makes it easy to find the nearly invisible Rook skin in Warzone, even though it is all black. On consoles, there is only one way to deal with the Pay-to-Win Roze skin, and many players want it to be taken away completely.

These NVIDIA filters will also be used to fix the problems that make Black Ops Cold War hard to see.

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Again, in the Black Ops Cold War Beta, console players got their first taste of the joys of a console FOV slider.

Since then, we’ve wondered: When will Warzone’s console version get a FOV setting?

● With the Area of View settings, players can expand their vision and see more of the world around them. This can help in games like Warzone, where positioning is very important.

● People who play on PC can extend their FOV by a lot, and many people play at 100-120 degrees of vision. Console players, on the other hand, can only play 80 levels, which doesn’t seem like much.

● Warzone players want FOV settings on consoles because of this.

Rate of frames

One of the best things about PC gaming is that you can play games at higher frame rates than consoles usually allow. Before the Xbox Collection X and PlayStation 5, console frame rates were limited to 30 FPS or 60 FPS at most.

PC players can enjoy much higher body rates, making the game smoother and the weapons more responsive. Still, people with Xbox Series X/S can play Warzone at 120 FPS if they have a TV that can handle it.

PS5 players are still stuck at 60 FPS for now, which is a shame.

Headset Usage

jackfrags says this is more of a generalization than anything else, but most PC Warzone players are likely using headsets while playing. Gaming headsets provide high-quality location-based sound so you can get into the battle royale in Verdansk.

On the other hand, many people who play Warzone on the likely console use the sound from their TV. This is mostly great but a downside in fast-paced shooters like Warzone.

But now that high-quality headsets like the PS5 Pulse 3D Headphones are available, more console gamers are starting to see their benefits.

Use this trick to get a Warzone loadout immediately in the game if you join the battle royale on a console or PC. Fans should enjoy Verdansk while they can because pictures of the new Warzone map are already out.

Due to the size of a Warzone map’s file, Verdansk is likely to be gone forever in a very short time.

A keyboard and mouse are often better than a gamepad because they give you more control, which is often what you want, especially in a good old-fashioned FPS. In the meantime, gamers often complain about structural differences between console and PC versions of the same game. This often leads to claims that one group of gamers has a better version than the others.

You can see below a player on the console not being able to see an enemy hiding just out of the body, who eventually killed them. When you look at the footage on a PC, you can see the sneaky sniper in plain sight, but they were cut out on a console.

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