Warzone Mobile: Activision reveals the first multiplayer gameplay along with other features


Warzone Mobile, Activision’s upcoming AAA game, recently had a Global Summit and now, we have had our first glimpse of the game’s multiplayer mode, owing to gameplay from Bobby Plays, the popular COD Mobile YouTuber. He also showcased a bunch of other features from the Alpha version, which the creators got to play. 

The classic COD multiplayer experience, albeit a little rough

While we got our first look at the gameplay for the Battle-Royale experience earlier in 2022, thanks to a leak, we finally have a rough idea of the multiplayer mode. At its core, the gameplay closely resembles what a COD game is supposed to look like. However, it is still not completely developed and that can be seen as the graphics are still not all there and the movement is not as fluid as it should be. The game is still in development and will not release until May 2023.

There are only two modes at present, Team Deathmatch and Domination, which are set in various maps, and are part of the larger Verdansk map. All in all, the gameplay does seem to model MW19 and for now, serves the purpose of levelling up weapons and grinding camos.

Warzone Mobile: Other key features revealed

Moving away from the gunplay for a moment, there are two key features, which is worth noting here. The first of these is the cross-progression between Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2.0 and Warzone Mobile. Weapon skins and Level Progression can be transferred from MW2 and Warzone 2.0 to Warzone Mobile and vice versa.

Additionally, the game has killstreaks like Predator Missiles, Cruise Missiles, Mortar Strike, Sentry Guns and quite a few others, similar to what we saw in Call of Duty: Mobile, but with newer additions.

That is all about it for the content that players have got so far and as time progresses, we’ll hopefully get more info and visuals of the game.

What are your thoughts on the multiplayer gameplay of Warzone Mobile, which has been revealed by popular COD YouTuber BobbyPlays? Let us know in the comments below!

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