Does Warzone Use A Skill-Based Matching System?

When putting Warzone teams together based on skill, the average K/D of each team will be taken into account. So, the players on a team with the lowest K/D will play against better opponents, while the players with the highest K/D will play against opponents with less skill. Warzone’s SBMM algorithm lets players reduce their man advantage in duos, trios, and quads. For example, players with a 1.5 K/D will have an average K/D.75 if they play battle royale duos.

One of the most controversial issues in competitive video games is skill-based matchmaking. Skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM, works by figuring out how good a player is and putting them together with other players who are also good. Ranking game modes operate like SBMM.

On the surface, the idea of SBMM sounds great. Most players like to have a bit of competition, but they don’t like losing all the time. SBMM is currently being used in unranked game modes in video games. Because of this, each game is “sweaty.” You can’t just play for fun. You will always play against people who are as good as you are. This can cause a lot of problems. SBMM has been criticized because it is hard to match players with different skill levels (as you get better, you are matched with better players) and because it is easy to abuse (by boosting or smurfing).

SBMM talks about a lot of different things. Let’s talk about SBMM for the time being in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Can I use SBMM with Call of Duty: Warzone?

The answer is yes, based on what Activision has said in public. Most of the time, the people who make Call of Duty don’t want to say anything about how skill-based matchmaking works. Due to many players, Infinity Ward told CharlieIntel that Warzone does not have an SBMM.

Warzone pairs players based on how good they are. That is still what the government says, but there is evidence to support that claim. Or, it tries, at least. One Warzone YouTuber, JackFrags, deeply delved into the game’s SBMM rules.

Using data from 105 solo battle royale matches, JackFrags found that the average skill of his lobbies was about the same. Since this video isn’t too old, it’s a good example of an up-to-date way to meet people. These results are supported by what YouTuber TheXclusive Ace found when he looked into the game right before it came out.

Condition of SBMM

SBMM in Warzone may be frustrating for players with above-average K/D ratings because of how it works now. People who only have one or two good games are punished by getting better lobbies. Also, since information about players is no longer available to the public, websites that track player statistics, like the COD tracker, are no longer useful.

Activision also took down the site for Warzone SBMM. The website was used to figure out how the algorithm worked and find accounts that didn’t belong. Activision changed the API and shut down Warzone SBMM, making it much easier for players to use cheat software or find ways to get around the system. Statistics are no longer linked to all accounts because that would show that people were taking advantage of or cheating the system. People say streamers and professionals use ways to get around SBMM without leaving a paper trail.

Taking advantage of the system

Lobbying can be made easier in several ways, and players do everything they can to play against people who aren’t as good. Players can get into better lobbies by tanking their stats or using a bot account. In Warzone, which is free to play, an upset player can make a new account and play against worse players. A router can also be used to change a player’s location so they can join servers with lower skill levels.

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Matchmaking Based on Engagement

Technically, Warzone uses a method called “engagement-based matchmaking,” which is based on skill. To keep players interested, you must keep them in the game as long as possible. To keep players interested, the algorithm will look at the data and, if necessary, change the strength of a lobby.

Players who lose several games in a row will end up in the Bronze lobby. Also, players who kill an average of more than two people per game can use the Platinum and Diamond lobbies. The system is set up to ensure that every player has at least one fun thing happen during a game session. Most players will go to the lobby on the lowest level right before they leave.

What people did in response

SBMM has been looked down upon by gamers. Both experts and regular people have said they don’t like it. Twitter is buzzing about the hashtag #RemoveSBMM. When SBMM was found in Warzone, it was another thing that made the camel’s back even worse.

Making matches based on skills is not a popular idea. Developers and publishers have kept using it, though. Almost all of this is because of money. When publishers can keep new players interested, it is more likely that they will keep playing and spend money on microtransactions. It may be true in some cases, but most players aren’t getting the most out of the game because of it.

What’s the point of winning if you only do so because an algorithm matched you with bad players? What’s the point of getting better if SBMM will only put you against better players? Shouldn’t above-average players get something for their hard work? SBMM doesn’t answer these kinds of questions.

Many problems could be fixed if SBMM had both ranked and unranked modes. Both aren’t in Warzone.

It will be interesting to see how the SBMM trend grows in the coming years. Will it continue? Or will the people in the area stand up and stop it?


Adding a casual mode and a ranked mode can fix the problems with skill-based matchmaking. Players who get better will move up in ranks, and those who want to hang out will be put in random lobby rooms. It doesn’t look like skill-based matchmaking will change any time soon. Skill-based matchmaking has made Infinity Ward and Activision a lot of money because it keeps players playing, so they don’t seem to want to change it.

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