Voice actor Tara Strong thinks Charles Martinet should be Mario in Super Mario Bros. Movie

You’re not wrong. Sometimes adapting a story to a new medium requires tweaks to make it work within the new medium, whether its video game to movie or any other combo of media. Since this isn’t the next canon entry in the Mario mythology, its just a film adaptation telling its own story I don’t think it HAS to adhere to a mute-ish Mario. I agree that it could be just as effective to do a Mario movie with less dialogue from Mario (or less dialogue in general), I am a huge fan of movies from the silent era, and dramatic Ryan Gosling movies where he speaks like only ten words (Drive, Blade Runner 2049) but I don’t personally have any issues with a somewhat talkative Mario, but I did grow up with the American Mario cartoons so hearing Mario speak isn’t weird to me. I think Mario makes more sense than Link since Mario has technically spoken full sentences in the games before, albeit short ones, while Link is relegated to grunts and screams.

“CM does more than just Mario’s voice, so he has range!” And just to clarify/reiterate more in case my post didn’t come off as pro-Martinet as I intended, we are in agreement on this. He’s a talented and professional voice actor who knows how to make his voice work for the job at hand. He SHOULD be the voice of Mario in ANYTHING as long as he’s alive and still wants to. I am disappointed Nintendo didn’t hire him for at least Mario, and I hope one of the voices he ends up doing is Wario and he’s in sequels.

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