Voice actor for Viola in Bayonetta 3 hosts a charity stream, brings in $5k for Trans Lifeline


While there has been a bunch of controversy surrounding the original voice actor for Bayonetta, we now have some good news to celebrate with the game. Oddly enough, it also pertains to another voice actor for the series!

Anna Brisbin voices Viola, a new character in Bayonetta 3, and she decided to do some good by raising money for charity. Brisbin hosted a stream where she talked about her experience voicing Viola and working on the game, all in the name of Trans Lifeline. For those who don’t know, Trans Lifeline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering emotional and financial support to trans people in need.

By the end of the stream, Brisbin had amassed over $5,000 for Trans Lifeline, which is definitely a healthy sum. Hopefully this is just the first of many charity streams from Brisbin!


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