Video Shows What Silent Hills/P.T. Could Have Looked Like in Unreal Engine 5

Sadly, the world will never know what Kojima/del Toro’s collaboration on a full Silent Hill game would have been like, but fans will always wonder.

A new video has gone live on YouTube which shows what a possible full Silent Hills game could have looked like if done in Unreal Engine 5. With the tragic loss of Kojima/del Toro’s P.T. back in 2015, the chance to see what the video game auteur and the film director could have done with the beloved horror series will never be known. Ever since the project was canned, fans have been pining for what could have been, and some have just been making their own versions to fill the hole in their heart.


With rumors that Silent Hill 2 is being remade once again doing the rounds, with the game possibly being helmed by Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team, many are finding it difficult to leave the series behind. On the one hand, the fan base has been burned in the past with numerous speculations about the franchise making a triumphant return, but every time a leak starts shows up, some can’t help but get their hopes up a little. Even the director of the first Silent Hill film adaptation has said that Konami is bringing the franchise back, but there’s still been no confirmation.

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In the meantime, the YouTube channel Enfant Terrible has released a video which reimagines Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hill game in Epic’s Unreal Engine. Using audio files from the P.T. teaser, the clip takes the viewer into some of the dark locales that could have been featured, with trips down ominous alleyways and the corridors of a school that house unknown terrors. Of course, the video can only speculate as to what this dead entry would have been like, but for fans of the series, it definitely has that vibe that players have come to know from the influential horror games.

Enfant Terrible is also no stranger to this type of fan-made trailer. A few months back, they released a video which showed what a possible Bloodborne 2 could look like in the Unreal Engine. Given the development toolkit’s reputation, these videos have some pretty spectacular visuals, and it will likely leave many fans wondering about what could have been.

There’s also been a recent Unreal Engine 5 trailer for a hypothetical Silent Hill 2 remake, just to really emphasize how much the community wants to see the return of the horror games. Whether an official remake will ever occur cannot be said at this stage, but suffice it to say that many fans yearn for a new Silent Hill entry, even if it’s a reboot, so hopefully Konami is listening closely to these pleas.

A Silent Hill 2 reboot is rumored to be in development.

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