Valorant Mobile private beta is reportedly live in Google Play for invited participants


Some fresh news has now arrived in the mobile FPS sphere and it’s regarding Valorant Mobile. Valorant is one of the handfuls of AAA titles heading to mobile. It seems like Riot Games might be working on making the game accessible to selected players as the game now has a Google Play Store page. It is assumed that the private beta of Valorant Mobile is reportedly live.

Although it seems to be closed off right now and we’ve not received any official announcement regarding this yet. 

Riot Games is keeping current status of Valorant Mobile under covers 

Now the page isn’t up globally. Instead, for some weird reason, parental controls have to be enabled at PEGI 7. And then players can use this link to access the page for the game. According to Leakers On Duty, the build is a work-in-progress prototype. Those invited to play are bound by an NDA so they can not share any information.

The last we saw of this game after it was announced was during the Chinese Beta Test when we saw some in-game footage that looked quite impressive. Afterward, full mobile gameplay was also leaked and the game seemed to promise a console-like experience. It could be possible that Riot is now testing the game at a global level. However, due to the lack of an official announcement, nothing can be said for sure. 

That being said, in case you haven’t heard about Valorant Mobile yet, Riot officially announced the game last year. Since the announcement, it has been quite quiet about it. For now, this is all we have until there’s either more info on the private beta from players or Riot Games makes any announcements regarding this. This also comes alongside other major news in the FPS sphere with Warzone Mobile being announced and Rainbow Six Mobile going into beta.

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