Does Valorant Have Matching Base On Skills?

After it came out in 2020, Valorant quickly became one of the most popular FPS games. It looks a lot like tactical shooters like Counter-Strike, and it has hero play like Overwatch. The result is a game that rewards skill, accuracy, and working with others.

Even though the Competitive mode may be the most important part of the game, other modes are more important. Here’s everything you need to know about whether or not Valorant’s matchmaking is based on skill, so you know what to expect.

How does the SBMM process work?

Each game that uses SBMM is different, but in general, the SBMM algorithm will determine how good you are based on how well you did in your most recent games and how skilled your opponent is, with more weight given to your most recent games. Games like VALORANT, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and more use this system.

But SBMM has caused problems in almost all of these games, especially Call of Duty, where the best players mostly have trouble. When both the unranked and ranked queues use SBMM, players with higher skill ratings don’t have a place to play their game for fun.

Every game they play is against the best players, so even if they want to play for fun, they must put in more time and energy. This has been a problem since the last few Call of Duty games didn’t have a ranked mode.

The best players had to work hard to beat the best players, but they didn’t have a global ranking to show for it. Same games with ranked modes still use SBMM in the unranked mode, even though many pros and game developers have asked for SBMM to be taken out of ungraded so that they can play against less skilled players and show off.

But most people who make games don’t want to put new players or players who are having trouble through that. Doing so would also make it so that the “ranked” mode is the one that is friendlier to people who are just starting.

Does Valorant match people based on their skills?

If you’re unfamiliar, skill-based matching is a hidden feature that ensures you play online versus other players of similar ability levels. It gives people who aren’t as good at the game a chance to try it out without always losing to better players.

As was said earlier, the competitive, ranked mode of Valorant is based mostly on how well players compare to each other in terms of their skill levels.

When a player reaches Level 20, they have to play five placement games to get their first rank, putting them in one of seven tiers, each having sub-ranks (besides Radiant). To get better, you have to level up from Iron to Radiant, which is the only way to move up in ranks.

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Does Unrated Valorant help people find dates?

But what about the Valorant game modes that don’t focus so much on being competitive? In 2020, before Valorant came out in full, game director Joe Ziegler answered a fan’s question on Twitter about whether or not the game would have skill-based matchmaking.

Even in unranked modes of Valorant, matchmaking is based on skills, as you can see from the short conversation above. This means that you will be playing against people who are about as good as you in each of the basic modes of the shooter.

Whether you win or lose, as you keep playing, the other people in the lobby will get better at the same level as you. From what we’ve seen, the rankings in Unrated tend to be more varied than those in Competitive, which is the opposite of what you might expect to see in that format.

In the end, SBMM gives all players a complete experience, which is why Valorant is in the game even though it’s hard to learn. Everything you need to know about whether or not Valorant’s matching system is based on skill. Check out Twinfinite to learn more about the game and get more ideas and tips.

Awaiting ranked matchmaking

While this is happening, some VALORANT players are holding their breath, hoping Riot will add a ranked mode to the game. Players conclude that if they play in ranked mode, they won’t have to deal with the problems they do when they play in unrated mode. This is what most of the players agree on.

Riot’s SBMM system has to be changed since it is currently ineffective. It’s possible that their technology needs more time to get better at matching people with roughly the same amount of talent. Riot has not yet made an official statement about these player complaints.

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