Valorant: Are Valorant Skins Pay-To-Win?

When a new set of skins comes out in Valorant, one of the first things players say about it is that it “gives an aimbot.” But is that true? You may have heard about it during Valorant’s Prime collection closed beta, particularly the Vandal skin.

This issue has also recently been brought to light by the Sentinels team, whose players say that some skins affect how the game is played. So, let’s see if weapon skins make a difference in the game and if spending real money gives us an edge over other players.

How can I get skins?

In VALORANT, there are two ways to get skins. You can first buy them in the game shop. At the top of the main menu screen, a button will carry you to the store. Here, you can see the current bundle and 4 different skins from previous bundles.

You can only buy the newest bundle in its entirety. There are two timers on the store page. One of the timers is counting down until the end of the bundle’s sale period. Below that, next to the word OFFERS, you’ll see a timer. This timer shows when the random four skins will change.

You can’t get any other skins besides the four on sale and the bundle. Buying the Battle Pass is the other way to get skins. The passes come with special skins that you can’t get in the shop, but they’re rarely better than those you can buy in the shop.

How to use the skins?

Once you’ve bought the skins, you can either put them on right away by clicking the big “Equip” button that appears on your screen right after your purchase or click the Collection button next to the Store button. Here is where all of your weapons are. If you click on the weapon for which you bought the skin, you can switch between your skins, which you can then use. Don’t forget that you can also use Radianite to make some skins better.

What happens to skin in Valorant?

Skins in Valorant can change how everything sounds and looks. The way shooting and reloading look, the sounds, the finisher spirits, the model of the weapon, everything. When you put on a skin, it can feel like you have a new weapon in your hands. There isn’t another FPS game where weapon skins change the look and animations that much.

And even if you think you’re using a completely different weapon, this will never be the case. Nothing can change a weapon’s stats or how it moves when fired. Stats and recoil are the most important parts of a gun because they determine how it works, no matter how it looks or sounds.

Its Aimbot and Prime Vandal

Since the closed beta, there has been a myth in the Valorant society that the Prime Vandal skin makes you play better. In theory, this is true, and a YouTuber called Sedgwick even experimented to prove it. When he used the Prime Vandal skin, his average performance increased by about 18%.

Many people in the community also think that this skin’s recoil is easy to control because the shooting animation lets you see where the bullet is going. This skin started all the rumors that Valorant is a pay-to-win game and that skins make it easier to win. Prime Vandal has been one of this gun’s most popular skins.

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Are Valorant Skins a “pay-to-win” item?

So, do skins have a big effect on how Valorant is played? Well, sort of. No matter what skins they use, a better player will always win and beat a worse player. But animations, design, and visual effects (VFX) change as we see the weapon, which can change how we move and make decisions in-game.

Also, we think that playing with certain skins can give you an edge, but it will have more to do with your mindset than cheating for 2000 Valorant Points. Even though some skins change how the weapon looks, it still has the same recoil pattern, weight, and stats, so you are still playing with the same weapon. But ask yourself if you still play the same way when you don’t have the skin on.

Valorant skins’ audio aspects are beneficial.

Spectrum Phantom is another skin that people call the “aimbot Phantom.” The famous DJ ZEDD made the bullet sound on the white Phantom, which makes shooting feel like butter. At the moment, this Phantom skin is the most expensive one in the game. This is probably because the sound element is so well-made.

The sound effect was also talked about in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Two teams had the same weapons, but their sounds were different. One of the guns had to be weakened because a stronger sound effect made it easier for players to hit their targets.

Do Valorant skins include an aimbot?

In the end, skins don’t have a direct effect on gameplay, but they sure make you think you have an aimbot. Most Valorant skins have the same sound effects, so you don’t have to purchase every new skin to get a boost. Winners and Sentinels of Lamp Vandal are like Singularity and Ion Phantom. If you have two gears for each primary rifle, you may already have the aim enhancement you’re looking for.

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