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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

Time to play an old-fashioned game of: Uno



The blog is back. I have been graced with the ability to once again create blogs breaking down all the value of random games found on Google Play. I will be trying a slightly bigger font to allow mobile users to read the text easier.

Screenshot 20220416 014152

After a long break I return with yet another classic game. Don’t let the colors fool you, this game is one step away from gambling and has very shady practices to get people to spend money.

Screenshot 20220416 014818

When you start up the game, you get a small tutorial of sorts that leads you into a game. As your progress further in the game and gain more levels, you unlock different kinds of game modes with different rules that really trips up the game. Each play takes a ‘wager’ of 30 coins. As you play games you can win or lose coins based on what position you land in. To get more coins you can buy them or watch video ads to earn a very small amount of the coins.

Screenshot 20220416 014857

When you click on your avatar you can view the game pass. Here it shows you how many trophies you have to earn to unlock other modes or cosmetics. This game really limits what you can start with until you play the game more. 

Screenshot 20220416 015147

There is a lot of cosmetic options that take a lot of work to unlock. Some of the options are locked behind season events and as far as I know you can not get them until the season event comes back around.

Screenshot 20220416 015215

Here is a quick shot of the emoji/reaction menu. These will automatically play during conditions that trigger them.

Screenshot 20220416 014956

A sample shot of the options. Basic things here and nothing too exciting.

Screenshot 20220416 015202

Next is the a sample of frame options for your avatar.

Screenshot 20220416 015339

You can also add random friends to play with. If you know the person’s ID you can add it yourself and connect with your friends.

Screenshot 20220416 015355

The shop menu uses these M coins as a premium currency. You can not earn these and can only buy them with real money. There is a Gotcha machine in the option menu that you can watch videos to get some free coins and possible boosts.

Screenshot 20220416 015609

Here we can see the different modes. As you progress through the game you can unlock even higher levels of wages on coins. This feels like it teaches kids to gamble. If you have a child I would highly recommend you not allow them to play this game.

Screenshot 20220416 015623

This is the match-making screen. You get pitted with 3 other strangers. You can also use power-ups here to get a boost of coins or to automatically call uno.

Screenshot 20220416 015632

Here is one of the the powerups. New players get a small discount on buying these power-ups but in the end they are ultimately eating your coins for very little return.

Screenshot 20220416 015758

Here is the main game screen. All the cards autosort for you so you can focus on the game. This is important because you have only 2 minutes to play a full round. If you do not act fast enough your turn is auto skipped. It is very hard to successfully win the game by dropping all of your cards.

Screenshot 20220416 020356

Here is a quick preview of a different game mode. This one introduces wild cards that really change the game play.

Screenshot 20220416 020737

Here is the over-view of the easter event menu. As you play games in the main mode you can collect eggs that allow you to play a minigame to earn some bonuses. This event is very random and not very fair.

Screenshot 20220416 021123

Here is the trophy. You collect these by landing on a space with an egg and getting a very random egg from the board.

Screenshot 20220416 021149

Lastly here is the board. You collect dice every day or you can buy more. Sometimes you can watch a video to get more or earn special ones.


three cog 3 of 5 cogs.

Overall, this game is classic Uno but with a lot more gambling. This game is designed to eat away money if you wish to play this game for an extended time.


no cog

 0 of 5 cogs.

Funny, There is no story for Uno.

Amount of ads:

no ad loop


In addition to many microtransactions you can watch some optional ads to continue playing for just a little longer.

Accurate Advertising?:


As far as I can tell, the screenshots are accurate but they do not tell you that this is still gambling for no real prizes.


five cogs

 5 of 5 cogs.

The graphics are HD and colorfor. I feel this game is a bit misleading to children and could be viewed as a very shady practice.


two cog

 2 of 5 cogs.

It’s not a very fun experience because you have such a limited time to play or act. The practices of this game really put me off from playing it at all.

Free play:


You ‘can’ play for free, at least for a short span of time. This game will eat away your wallet if your plan to play it seriously. In theory if you win first place every single game it may be possible to play this game infinitely. 

Fun factor:

😐 Mediocre.

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