Ubisoft's Project Q to Undergo Three Major Playtests in Upcoming Months: Report


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Ubisoft’s Project Q is an upcoming battle arena title that the company announced in April 2022. The company mentioned that the game is in early stages of development at the time, and opened playtesting registrations.

Project Q is reportedly making steady progress, according to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson. The report states that the battle arena game will have three playtests in the coming months.

The Ubisoft title will have its first playtest in January, and the second will take place in April, followed by the third on in June. Each playtest will reportedly have a duration of about a week. Though there is no information on what content will be available during the playtesting, a source from Ubisoft told Henderson that “significant changes” have been made to the game since the game was last tested.

Project Q will not be a battle royale game according to Ubisoft, but one of the game modes titled “Showdown” has mechanics that are very BR-like. There is another mode called “Battle Zone” that pits two teams of four players to capture points. This mode was reportedly used in the first playtest.

There is no release information yet about Project Q despite it being officially announced last year. Apart from this, Ubisoft is also working on Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, which is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter. The company’s creative director also teased early testing for its upcoming Star Wars title, which you can read more about here.


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