Twitch Streamer Attempts to Play Elden Ring With the Power of Her Mind; Requests Elon Musk to Help Her Do the Same With Neuralink


Elden Ring can be a tough game to master, and it requires a ton of skill and brainpower to master. However, one Twitch streamer has taken the latter element to heart, as she is somehow playing the game with just her mind.

Let me explain. As pointed out by reporter Jake Lucky, the Twitch streamer in question is Perrikaryal, who is playing Elden Ring with her mind, as she controls her characters using an EEG machine. The idea might sound crazy for an average streamer, however, Perrikaryal isn’t just a run-of-the-mill gamer. She holds a Master’s in Psychology, which definitely helps in her endeavours.

According to the streamer, her brain activity is linked to different abilities in the game. And she has stated that she wants to incorporate more abilities into her brainwave arsenal. However, such additions don’t come easy, as Perrikaryal has to train for a long time to make sure that she gives out the correct ability brain signals.

The gameplay experience has several drawbacks, as Perrikaryal has pointed out the need to add saline solution and charge her EEG machine every now and then. And in her recent stream, she has requested for some help in this matter from Neuralink founder Elon Musk, as she wishes to use the company’s technology to help play the game easily.

And with Musk sharing his love for the game, it would be an interesting way for the billionaire CEO to show off the Neuralink’s prowess by powering Perrikaryal’s attempts to defeat the game’s various bosses.


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