Tower of Fantasy: Number of Red, Gold, Black Nucleus, and Dark crystals available on Artificial Island


Tower of Fantasy has recently announced 1.5 update. Some players have dubbed it the Artificial Island update since many players are excited about the new area expansions as announced in the update and what more these expansions have to offer. And since the announcement got released just today, players are already looking for more info on what to expect from this new update. This is the first big update of Tower of Fantasy since its global release. In this Tower of Fantasy article, we will know in detail how many Dark Crystals, Gold, Red, and Black Nucleus, you can get from the Artificial Island.

How many Nucleus and Dark Crystals will be available in the ToF Artificial Island

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The 1.5 version update has introduced new areas to the players namely Puddled lake, Ring Arena, and Rusty Iron Camp. The new areas will also feature different rewards. A short rundown of them is given below.

Type of Nuclei and Crystal Amount
Red Nucleus 2
Gold Nucleus 45
Black Nucleus 220
Dark Crystal 2850

These are the exact numbers of these currencies you can obtain from version update 1.5. However, there are other things also to notice. Only 26 Gold nuclei can be found in specific areas, while the rest 19 can be found in each of the Supply Pod 2.

Each of the Supply Pod 2 also provides 50 dark crystals, which accounts for a total of 950 dark crystals. 148 of the 220 black nuclei can be found in specified places, while the rest 72 can be found in each of the Supply Pod 1.

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Each of the Supply Pod 1 also provides 20 dark crystals, which accounts for a total of 1440 dark crystals. 160 dark crystals can be found from 8 scenic points which provide 20 dark crystals each. The rest 300 dark crystals and 2 red nuclei can be obtained as achievement rewards.

You can also max out to get 17 more dark crystals if you convert it to a red nucleus. Hope you have liked our article and are eagerly waiting for September 15th for this update to finally roll and grab all these goodies.

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