Tower of Fantasy: List of all the Aesperia boss locations and loot drops


Farming the bosses in Tower of Fantasy has been an interesting thing for many players as the rewards for slaying them are extraordinary compared to other enemies. The bosses have been in the game since the beginning. Even if you have been playing less frequently you might already have heard the names of a few world bosses such as Robarg, Frost bot, etc. Although many of them are hard to defeat, the reward is glorious. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we will cover all the boss locations in Aesperia with the loot drops.

Why killing bosses is important in Tower of Fantasy

Killing bosses are important and also exciting. And this is the reason why players go one step ahead to kill bosses. Many wanderers lend their one eye on the chat to check out in which world there are bosses currently alive, such as Robarg and others. Once they find someone to fight the bosses, they just jump the channel and fight together.

Killing bosses solo is something near impossible, so it’s better if done with a team member or two. Not only it gives you an easy way to defeat them, but it also makes it enjoyable to play with friends. Co-op play is enjoyable. Plus, slaying them gives a good reward if opened with a type III chip.

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How to maximize the boss loot drops

To make sure you can get the best loot out of the chest dropped after you defeat the boss, use the Type III chip to decipher them as it will bring better rewards. The chest can also be opened by forced decipher. However, that brings lower rewards, for example, ores and exp points.

That’s why we recommend using a type III chip to unlock the chest so you can get the best reward. This chip can be found as a reward for completing weekly activities. However, keep in mind that the gain is limited per week, so make sure you plan ahead.

Tower of Fantasy Aesperia boss locations and loot drops

Tower of Fantasy Aesperia boss locations guide
Image via Level Infinite

Below is a sheet related to the bosses and loot drops. The coordinates might be slightly different in your game, so expect a bit of correction in terms of locations although these coordinates are not high off the chart.

Boss name Boss type Region Coordinates Loot Drops
Robarg Physical Tomb of Thorns, Astra. -576.1, 1018.9 King SSR matrix, Robarg matrix, Missile barrage relic shard.
Apophis Physical Banges -440.5, -11.3 Tsubasa matrix, Apophis matrix, Couand relic shard.
Frost bot Ice Navia bay, Navia. -603.1, -553.6 Huma SSR matrix, Frost bot matrix, Hovering cannon shard.
Sobek Ice Fiendish Swamp, Crown Mines 369.0, 548.1 Crow SSR matrix, Sobek matrix, Cybernetic arm shard.
Lucia Ice Rose Garden, Crown Mines 452.7, 823.5 Shiro SSR matrix, Echo matrix, Quantum cloak Shard.
Barbarossa Ice Southern Naa Fjords, Warren Snowfield 1006.2, -677.9 Meryl SSr matrix, Barbarossa matrix, Margentic pulse Shard.
Devourer Ice Ring Arena, Artificial Island 229.0, -196.9 Zero SSR Matrix, Echo SSR matrix, Handcannon Shard.
Interdimensionall Frostfire Dragon Nearby Eyrie Spacerift 60.1, 66.5 Samir SSR matrix, Pepper SE matrix, Magnetic storm Shard.

That’s all about all Aesperia boss locations and loot drops in Tower of Fantasy.

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Aesperia Boss locations guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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