Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Voyager Thruster


While exploring the open world in Tower of Fantasy, going from one place to another can prove to be a hard task, especially if there aren’t that many Spacerifts. Luckily, the game has a special mechanism called vehicles that offer players faster transportation.

Voyager is one of the many vehicles in Tower of Fantasy that can be unlocked early on in the game. Wanderers must collect several parts and put them together to obtain the Voyager. One of these parts is the Voyager Thruster.

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How To Get Voyager Thruster In Tower Of Fantasy

To get the Voyager Thruster in Tower of Fantasy, players need to seek and defeat the Four Powers in Navia until one of them drops the thruster. There is a catch, however, as the probability of the Voyager Thruster dropping is extremely low. This means that Wanderers can either get it immediately if they’re extremely lucky, or that it may take hours of grinding to get the missing part.

To reach Smoli of the Four Powers, players should head to Spacerift: Raincaller Island in Navia then head south. They’ll then need to climb the small slope and continue east to find Smoli.

Okka from the Four Powers is right next to Smoli. From the latter location, players should proceed south past the group of enemies to fight Okka.

Next, Wanderers should travel to the same Spacerift, this time using the Jetpack Relic in Tower of Fantasy to glide down and on an oil rig. Here, Hethlu of the Four Powers will be waiting.

The final member of the Four Powers is Sendyrs, which can be reached by fast traveling to the Tower of Fantasy Navia Omnium Tower and then flying down southwest towards the shore. There’s a big horde of enemies in this camp, so players should make sure to be prepared.

If all four are defeated and the Voyager Thruster wasn’t obtained, players will need to go back to the first Spacerift and repeat the process, since enemies respawn after a short period of time.

How To Get Remaining Parts For The Voyager In Tower Of Fantasy

Other than the Voyager Thruster, the Voyager has three other necessary parts:

  1. Voyager Engine
  2. Voyager Hull
  3. Voyager Control Station

The Voyager Engine can be acquired at a certain point in the Hyena’s Banges Base Side Mission. After gaining access to the Hyena’s Navia Base, players should fly up to the higher platform to see a Hyena Guard protecting a box. They can then give it two Sizzling Meat, which only needs one Ingredient in Tower of Fantasy, to get the Voyager Engine.

The Voyager Hull can be obtained after completing the Hyena’s Banges Base Side Mission in Tower of Fantasy. Upon fixing the three broken Beacons, players should head to the blue beam in the lake to be transported into the Ecological Park. The Voyager Hull is in one of the Supply Pods.

To get to the Voyager Control Station, Wanderers can teleport to Spacerift: Southern Mountains in Crown and go southeast to the camp in Seaforth Dock. Now, they’ll want to climb on the wooden platforms then take a left to find a locked room. Entering the password 3594 will open the Supply Drop, allowing players to get the Voyager Control Station.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and mobile.

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