Tower of Fantasy: How to find Prime Cut Locations and its usage


With so many players trying their luck at finding the elusive Prime Cut, a scarce and valuable ingredient used in cooking. It’s no surprise why this particular foodstuff might be hard to find. It only appears rarely in some specific locations which are few and increases the difficulty level even more. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about where to find Prime Cut and how to use it in Tower of Fantasy

Prime Cut locations in Tower of Fantasy

You can mainly find Prime Cut in three specific locations: Astra, Banges, and Navia.

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  • To get your hands on Prime Cut, look for the area surrounded by the Rusty Belt and Ring of Echos in the Astra region. Follow the six locations given below on the map.
Tower of Fantasy Prime Cut
Image via Level Infinite
  • For the Banges region, there is only one place to find the Prime Cut ingredient. It is the Banges farm. So go to the Banges farm and look for the ingredients.
Tower of Fantasy Prime Cut
  • As we come to our last location in Navia, you will get two specific locations. The first location is between Raincaller Island and Navia Bay and the second location is near the Seventh Day Forest.

How to Collect Prime Cut

Whenever you are at one of the above-marked locations, search for a White Rabbit. When you spot one, you should take out your sword or another weapon and kill it. The final thing you obtain is Prime Cut, as well as game meat and other ingredients.

How to use the Prime Cut in Tower of Fantasy

Prime Cut is an important ingredient that you can use to make the below dishes in Tower of Fantasy.

Grilled Steak can be made using one Prime Cut which will give you Volt Resistance +15%, Volt Resistance +675, 20 mins duration, and recovers 20 satiety. Additionally, Steak with Sauce can also be prepared by using three Firecap and one Prime Cut which will give you Flame Attack +2%, Flame Attack +150, 20 mins duration and recovers 20 satiety.

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