Tower of Fantasy Guide: Tips to get the Crimson Meteor mount

Crimson Meteor has been the latest available mount in the global version of Tower of Fantasy. Previously, just like many other contents, it was only available in the Chinese version of the Tower of Fantasy. But with the gradual increase of popularity, many contents are making their way into the global version and Crimson meteor is one of them. In previous times, we have covered other mounts such as Voyager mount, and Monocross mount. In this guide, we will cover how to get the mount Crimson meteor.

How to unlock the Crimson Meteor mount in Tower of Fantasy

Here is how to obtain the Crimson Meteor mount:

  • Firstly, reach the Exchange store.
  • Once you navigate to the exchange store, interact and navigate to the tech store token menu. You should see the option to buy the mount.
Image via Level Infinite
  • The mount can be bought in exchange for 140 tech store tokens. There are different ways to get tech store tokens. So make sure you plan ahead and choose the best plan for you. 

In a rough calculation that was done by the fans of Tower of Fantasy, it was found out that it would require 7000 hours of gameplay and continue working with the generated resources in order to fulfill the number of resources needed for the mount, or 140 tech store tokens.

ToF Crimson Meteor
Image via TrinityThr33 on Youtube

How to get the tech store coins

Tech Store coins can be found in the exchange store. Different build materials can be exchanged at the store for tech store points in build mode. The exchangeable materials include Metal, fiber energy, and many more. Here is a breakdown of what materials in what amount you would need to get a total of 140 Tech Store Tokens.

  • Metal – Total of 20,000 for 20 Tech Store Tokens.
  • Fiber – Total of 20,000 for 20 Tech Store Tokens.
  • Energy – Total of 20,000 for 20 Tech Store Tokens.
  • Supply – Total of 20,000 for 20 Tech Store Tokens.
  • Renovation – Total of 20,000 for 20 Tech Store Tokens.
  • Quality building – Total of 600 for 20 Tech Store Tokens.
  • Composite – Total of 600 for 20 Tech Store Tokens.

Tech Store Tokens are exchanged in sets of 20. It’s not like the calculation works where you would get 2 Tech Store Tokens for 1000 materials. However, gathering all 140 tech store tokens will take time. We recommend upgrading the buildings, and fighting bosses in the meantime. That’s all about how to get the mount Crimson Meteor in Tower of Fantasy.

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