Tower of Fantasy guide: Tips to climb mazes without relics


Tower of Fantasy, is the latest gacha title developed by Hotta studios and published by Level Infinite. Tower of Fantasy has been a center point of interest among the gacha communities. With having an enthusiast fanbase, it’s kind of safe to say that none of the stones remains unturned to explore every option of the game and places where developers have worked on. Recently, a new technique has been followed on how to climb on mazes without using any Relics in Tower of Fantasy. Let’s see into details to find out how to execute this move.

How to climb the Mazes without relics in Tower of Fantasy

This move can only be done by specific simulacra. As of now, this technique only works with Samir and King. These two Simulacra, when equipped with their weapon can do this successfully. Below are the steps to climb mazes without relics:

  • Sprint and jump. Make sure you are standing near a wall on which you would be standing.
Image via Level Infinite
  • Press the special attack button. Once the character reaches the highest point and just before it starts to shoot, press jump again twice.
Tower of Fantasy climbing mazes without relics
Image via Level Infinite
  • After jumping twice and as soon as you reach the highest height, navigate the character to the top of the nearest maze wall.
TOF climb mazes without relics
Image via Level Infinite

Make sure you do all the moves in sequence and one after another without any time gap in between. In case you are wondering what it is like when executed properly, u/JustNutass has a perfect video on the game’s official subreddit ie r/TowerofFantasy for that.

What are your thoughts about our Tower of Fantasy guide to climb mazes without relics? Let us know in the comments below!

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