Tower of Fantasy Guide: List of all Artificial Island Scenic Points locations

Artificial Island is a new location that was added in update 1.5 of Tower of Fantasy. The island is home to a variety of scenic views and landmarks that can be discovered by explorers. If you’re looking to achieve 100% world exploration, then you’ll need to find all of the artificial island’s scenic points. This guide will show you the locations of all of the Artificial Island Scenic Points, so you can check them off your list and complete your world exploration in Tower of Fantasy.

How to find all the Artificial Island Scenic Points locations in Tower of Fantasy

A total of Eight scenic points exist on the Artificial Island on the in-game map. Here is where you can find all of them. 

Feiyun Mountain

Image via Level Infinite

Coordinates: (-589.5, -210.6)

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The first scenic point can be found to the north of Mysterious Tetriso Ruins and Feiyun Mountain. 

Stranded Remains 

Tower of Fantasy Stranded Remains
Image via Level Infinite

Coordinates: (-195.2, 792.0)

The next scenic point can easily be found at the southmost point of Artificial Island. This point is the Stranded Remains and players need to travel in this area to explore this scenic point. 

Deserted Water Treatment Plant 

Deserted Water Treatment Plant Tower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

Coordinates: (454.0, -595.6)

To the southeast of the Estuary, players can find this scenic point as they travel toward the deserted Water Treatment Plant. 

Island of Pins 

Coordinates: (-170.4, -1370.6)

The northmost area of the Artificial Island is the island of Pins. Players need to explore this area and the scenic point can be discovered with ease.

Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Gold Nucleus locations
Image via Level Infinite

The next 4 scenic locations are present in the inner part of the island in near distances from each other. Players just need to locate the first scenic point of the next location and then can easily move in the other directions nearby to get to the other scenic points easily. 

South of the Rusty Iron Camp 

Coordinates: (401.5, 92.4)

A few miles south of Rusty Iron Camp lies this scenic point. There is a camp located south of Stone Mountain and north of Mount Sandy which is your scenic point.

North of the Ring Arena

Coordinates: (208.9, -332.1)

The next Scenic Point on Artificial Island is directly north of the Ring Arena, at the eastern end of Simple Pier.

South of the Ring Arena

Coordinates: (66.4, -245.7)

This Scenic Point is located east of Puddle Lake and north of Base Zero. Near the Ring Arena, there is a stony ridge from which the scenic point can be viewed.

South of the Puddled Lake 

Coordinates: (-266.2, 131.4)

This scenic point is located between Puddle Lake and Eyrie. In order to reach this location, players must travel west of Base Zero

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Tower of Fantasy game, make sure to explore all the scenic points on Artificial island. With a little bit of exploration, you’ll be able to find some great treasures and power-ups that will help you on your ultimate quest in Tower of Fantasy.

What are your thoughts about the Artificial Island Scenic Points in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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