Top school to earn a boost to its esport programme.


North West University (NWU) has been the proud headline sponsor of the only official school league for esports since 2019.
The prize money for the NWU Online School League has been increased to R65,000.00.

Part of the increase is a R4,000.00 payable to the school which earns the most points during the league. 

The points earned by each participating school will be calculated on the participation of each learner who plays in the 

NWU Online School League. Points will be awarded based on the final position of each player.

In the case of individual events, the top player will earn points equal to the total number of participants for such game title. Thus should 50 players enter a particular game title, the first placed player shall earn 50 points, the second placed learner shall earn 49 points, the 3rd placed learner shall earn 48 points and so on, with the last placed learner earning 1 point for his/her school.

In team games, learners shall be awarded points on the same basis with the difference that the points earned shall be multiplied by the number of players in the team. Thus if 20 teams enter Counter-Strike: GO, the top team shall be awarded 100 points. The 100 points shall be made up of 20 (number of teams) x 5 (number of team members).

It is therefore evident that a  school, just by sheer weight of participants, may be able to walk away with the award of top school.

The prize monies will be used by the school club as it sees fit, and in these difficult times, will no doubt be a welcome boost to a school’s esports programme.

Titles to be played in the NWU Online School League are as follows:

Period/genre Title Platform Age restriction Players


CS GO PC, 16 5 v 5
Paladins PC/console 12 5 v 5


FIFA ‘22 Console 3 1 v 1
PES 2022 Console 3 1 v 1


Clash Royale Mobile 12 1 v 1
DotA 2 PC 12 5 v 5
League of Legends PC 12 5 v 5
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile 12 5 v 5
VainGlory Tablet/cell 12 3 v 3
Fighting Street Fighter V Console 12 1 v 1
Card HearthStone Mobile 7 1 v 1

However, it should be noted that only the following titles count towards the fantastic prizes offered by NWU:

  • Clash Royale
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • efootball (PES  2022)
  • Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  • Dota 2
  • StreetFighter V
  • Best school award

Thus the number of titles being awarded prize money has been increased from four (4) in 2019 and 2020, and five (5) in 2021 to six (6) in 2022.

The final distribution has already been decided upon and shall be reported on shortly.

The NWU Online School League also offers:

  • School Provincial Colours for all titles, and
  • The opportunity to qualify for National Team Trials for all titles.

It must be remembered that only schools affiliated to MSSA may participate in the 2022 NWU Online Schools League.

For further information, please contact, or WhatsApp 078 069 3089.

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